Your unforgettable Cornish holiday

Bude: Leading the way towards sustainable holidays

Are you looking for an unforgettable Cornish holiday that not only offers breathtaking landscapes but also champions sustainable tourism?  Look no further than Bude, where Cornwall begins.

The stunning North Cornwall coast

Bude is a paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those eager to experience responsible and sustainable tourism.

Bude is not just another holiday destination.  We do things
The Bude Way, our model for sustainable tourism.  From its unspoiled natural beauty and eco-friendly accommodations to responsible beach activities and support for local businesses, Bude offers an enriching and guilt-free holiday experience.  So, whether you’re a nature lover, a conscious traveller, or simply seeking an unforgettable Cornish holiday, head to Bude and immerse yourself in the unparalleled charm of this sustainable paradise.

Things to do in Bude

Embrace the allure of Bude through a lens of sustainable tourism, where every step resonates with The Bude Way – a commitment to preserve Bude’s natural beauty.

Bude offers an eco-conscious escape that blends outdoor adventures and activities with responsible practices. Explore pristine beaches, engage in low-impact water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding, and traverse the South West Coast Path with respect for its fragile ecosystems.

Immerse yourself in local culture, savouring farm-to-table cuisine, and participate in community events. Dive into the Bude Sea Pool, an iconic tidal pool maintained by volunteers, exemplifying the harmonious coexistence of nature and leisure.

Whether beachcombing, wildlife watching, indulging in mindful relaxation or making a keepsake souvenir at a local art and craft business, Bude invites you to be a steward of its beauty, fostering sustainability and leaving only footprints of admiration.

Things to do
SUP with Freewave Surf Academy

SUP with Freewave Surf Academy

Experience the Excitement of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)
A stand-up paddleboarding lesson is an excellent introduction to this rapidly growing sport. The stability of the large surfboard-style paddle board provides a secure platform for standing. With the use of an extra-long canoe-style paddle, you can effortlessly navigate the waters within minutes. Stand-up paddleboarding is less demanding than surfing, making it accessible to everyone in your group.

Immerse yourself in a stand-up paddleboarding lesson during your visit to Bude. Discover the charm of Bude’s historic waterways, connect with nature, and acquire a new skill while creating lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether you’re in a large group, with family, friends, or enjoying a solo adventure, stand-up paddleboard lessons offer an enjoyable experience.

Gear Up for Adventure

Equip yourself with a suitably sized inflatable paddle board and an extendable paddle. Pay close attention to instructions, and you might stay dry—though, a wetsuit is available just in case! Once on the water, you’ll learn to manoeuvre the board first on your knees before gracefully standing up and exploring the waterways like a pro. Get ready for a memorable and enjoyable stand-up paddleboarding experience in the picturesque surroundings of Bude.

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Clovelly is a unique village once owned by the Queen of England and from Elizabethan days until today, it has been in private ownership, which has helped preserve its original atmosphere. Clinging to a 400 foot cliff in North Devon, it has no vehicular traffic on its steeply cobbled street, just donkeys and sledges. The man-powered sledges transport all goods to the village, from groceries to furniture. Donkeys used to be the main form of transport for centuries, but now mainly give children rides during the summer or can be seen posing for photographs in the street.

There is much to see and do, and the village hosts a variety of events throughout the year. As well as live music, demonstrations, street entertainments, stalls galore and craft activities, you can also find out more about seaweed at the ‘Know Your Seaweed’ Talks and experience the Shipwreck Survival Workshop.

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Trethorne Leisure Park

Trethorne Leisure Park

Experience year-round excitement! Seeking an unforgettable family outing in Cornwall? Look no further than Trethorne! Discover expansive outdoor play zones, adorable rabbits, and guinea pigs to interact with, along with indoor play barns ensuring endless entertainment for kids of all ages. Enjoy a thrilling game of ten-pin bowling and speed around the dodgems track, for an ultimate family escapade.

Indoor Adventure Zone
Don’t let unpredictable weather spoil the fun! Rain or shine, Trethorne’s indoor attractions guarantee a blast for all ages. Brace yourself for thrilling slides, conquer the challenging assault course, or challenge your family to a showdown in the amusements area. Get ready for an unforgettable indoor adventure!

Meet Furry Friends
Step into the Rabbit House and prepare to be charmed by the most adorable, cuddly fluff balls you’ve ever laid eyes on. Your little ones will delight in getting up close with these lovable creatures, there are three sessions a day where they can enjoy quality snuggle time with the rabbits. It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to gain hands-on experience with some of Threthorne’s most beloved residents.

Bowling Excitement at Trethorne
Ready to unleash your competitive spirit? Gather your family or friends for a thrilling game at the ten-pin bowling alley, perfect for an afternoon or evening of entertainment, rain or shine. With ramps and side rails available, it’s suitable for bowlers of all skill levels. After a round of strikes and spares, refuel with mouthwatering dishes from the café and restaurant. And once you’ve conquered the pins, keep the excitement going with more adventures at our leisure park or on the dodgems track!

Race to Victory on the Dodgems
Ready to unleash your competitive side? Climb into one of 15 dodgem cars and speed your way around the track, testing your skills as you swerve and dodge your fellow riders. Open during the afternoon and evening, our exhilarating dodgem track provides the perfect finale to your family day out or a thrilling appetizer before enjoying a delicious dinner in the restaurant.

On site restaurant and café proudly presents family favourites crafted from the finest Cornish produce. Start your day at the park with a delicious breakfast, recharge with a wholesome lunch, or grab dinner before heading home. On sun-kissed days, enjoy your meal al fresco in the picnic area. Bring your own treats or indulge in something tasty from the takeaway. Looking for a unique venue for a special celebration? The restaurant at Trethorne is also available for private hire or large parties.

At Trethorne Leisure, inclusivity is a priority. The entire site and attractions are situated at ground level, ensuring easy access for all visitors. Trethorne have implemented level access for wheelchairs across the leisure park, guaranteeing a seamless experience for everyone. There are 3 accessible toilets,  all have ample space for wheelchair access and additional support should it be needed.

Wheelchair Access
Trethorne Leisure Park boasts a flat, level layout, providing excellent accessibility for wheelchair users. The restaurant and indoor attractions, including play barns, bowling alley, dodgems, and games room, are all conveniently located on a single level, welcoming guests of all abilities. Accessible parking spaces ensure effortless entry into the leisure park and its facilities. Additionally, where steps are present, alternative ramp options are readily available.




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St Eval Kart Circuit

St Eval Kart Circuit

The Premier Karting Experience in Cornwall

Located along the breathtaking North Cornwall Coast between Newquay and Padstow, St. Eval Kart Circuit offers an exhilarating outdoor go-karting experience. Their expansive 1000m track is meticulously designed to accommodate racers of all skill levels, starting from 7 years old!
Designated sessions for various age groups, including 7–11-year-olds, teenagers and adults, and exclusive adult-only sessions, there’s something for everyone. And for the youngest enthusiasts, they provide a specially tailored circuit for 3 to 6-year-olds to enjoy their own thrilling adventure.
With the most extensive selection of karts in Cornwall, St. Eval Kart Circuit ensures there’s a kart to suit every age group. Their dedicated karts and tracks for each age bracket ensure an unparalleled karting experience for all participants.


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Surfing with Bude Surfing Experience

Surfing with Bude Surfing Experience

Scott, the Head Surf Coach, at Bude Surfing Experience whose extensive experience in the industry leads our team of highly-qualified instructors. Each member of our coaching team is carefully selected to align with our core values of ensuring both fun and safety at all times. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, with every instructor holding DBS checks, Safeguarding training, and certifications in Lifeguarding and Surf Coaching. Rest assured, we are fully insured and endorsed by Surfing England.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate surfer, or someone seeking a few expert tips, we are dedicated to helping you progress swiftly and safely on one of Cornwall’s finest surfing destinations. Summerleaze Beach, one of our chosen locations, is not only dog-friendly but also perfect for families, featuring the unique Bude Sea Pool.

Embark on our daily 2.5-hour group sessions tailored for all ages and abilities, maintaining a minimum ratio of 1 instructor to 8 learners. The session cost includes all necessary equipment. Families with children under 8 are welcome, but we kindly ask for a non-surfing adult to accompany them—please arrange this at the time of booking.

Unlock a personalized surfing experience by booking a private lesson, where your dedicated surf instructor focuses exclusively on you and/or your family. Ideal for families with small children eager to surf together, as well as individuals and couples seeking accelerated progress.

PEAK SEASON (July and August): Exclusive sunrise and sunset sessions only.

OFF-PEAK: Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your preferred timing.

We cater to diverse private group bookings, including stag and hen parties, corporate and team-building events, school, scout, and university groups, as well as birthday parties (for all ages over 8). Everyone is welcome for surf, SUP, and bodyboard sessions.

Arrive 10 minutes before your session at our trailer in the Summerleaze Beach car park, Bude. Or at Widemouth Bay Beach car park.

Come prepared with swimwear, a towel, and any essential medication.

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Bridge Bike Hire

Bridge Bike Hire

Welcome to Bridge Bike Hire, established in 1983!

At Bridge Bike Hire, we extend a warm and friendly welcome to everyone, whether young, old, or four-legged! As the original cycle hire on the Camel Trail, we are conveniently located right at the beginning of the trail in Wadebridge. Our courtyard seamlessly connects to the Camel Trail, providing you with traffic-free access for your cycling adventure and avoiding the hustle and bustle of the busy road.

Booking in advance is highly recommended, and we offer optional reduced-rate hire starting from 2 pm during the Easter season. Additionally, there are some reduced rates available all day for everyone during the winter months. Join us at Bridge Bike Hire for a memorable cycling experience on the beautiful Camel Trail!

Our Bikes – 40 Years of Excellence

With nearly four decades of operation, Bridge Bike Hire is dedicated to providing an exceptional cycling experience on the Camel Trail. Each year, we meticulously source the most comfortable seats, the safest children’s trailers, and top-quality bikes. Our ongoing investment in equipment ensures that the trail is accessible to individuals of all abilities.

Our knowledgeable team is delighted to guide you in selecting the most suitable bike, catering to riders of all ages, including our four-legged friends! Every group receives a lock, a puncture repair kit, and our team is always ready to offer any assistance or advice you may need. Join us for a cycling adventure where comfort, safety, and enjoyment are our top priorities!

Bikes Available

Securing your bikes for your Camel Trail adventure is highly recommended, especially during school holidays. Child trailers, trailer bikes, tandems, dog trailers, and other specialized bikes are particularly popular and tend to get booked quickly. We have electric bikes, hybrids, mountation bikes and retro ladies bikes something for everyone.

Explore our “GO OUT LATE, STAY OUT LATE” option during the warmer months—a delightful alternative to a morning ride that lets you make the most of your day.

Doggies Come Too!

We believe in inclusivity at Bridge Bike Hire, and that includes your furry friends! Dogs are more than welcome to join the adventure on the Camel Trail with our specially adapted dog trailers. Equipped with a bottle of water and a dog bowl, dogs of all ages can now enjoy a day out with the whole family.

While dogs are permitted on the Camel Trail, it’s essential to adhere to the ‘Rules of the Camel Trail’ set by Cornwall Council, who manages the trail. According to these rules, dogs should be kept on leads at all times. We look forward to welcoming your canine companions for a delightful day on the Camel Trail!

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Easiglide Segway

Easiglide Segway

Welcome to Easiglide Bude Segway Experience

Looking for a unique adventure? Come and put your skills to the test on our two-wheeled Segway experience!
Located in the picturesque coastal town of Bude, our Segway adventure offers breathtaking scenery, from sea views to rolling countryside, and you might even spot some alpacas!

Segwaying is fantastic fun for the entire family, from the little ones (7+) to nan and grandad!

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried it before—show no fear. Our instructor will guide you through the basics, and you’ll be cruising around on two wheels in no time. We guarantee you’ll be hooked and eager for more!

We also accommodate larger groups, so if you have a birthday party or special event approaching, give us a call, secure your slot, and let us provide the entertainment!

What are you waiting for?

Book your Segway experience now and dive into some serious fun!

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Coasteering with Shoreline Extreme Sports

Coasteering with Shoreline Extreme Sports

Coasteering is an exhilarating mix of fun, thrills, and excitement. Upon arrival, the team at Shoreline will outfit you in wetsuits, buoyancy jackets, helmets, and a pair of old trainers before setting off to explore the rugged coastline of North Cornwall.

Whether you’re keen on swimming, diving, scrambling, or jumping, there are plenty of options to cater to everyone’s adrenaline levels. Their carefully selected location boasts sea caves, rocky outcrops to navigate, and ample opportunities for thrilling deep-water jumps.

But coasteering isn’t just for the adrenaline junkies. With jumps of various heights (all optional) and stunning underwater flora and fauna to admire, there’s something for everyone in this activity.

Rest assured, they only conduct sessions when sea and weather conditions are optimal. Their experienced instructor team, led by a qualified Beach Lifeguard Trainer and Mountain Instructor,ensures every session is conducted with safety and professionalism as top priorities.

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Pencarrow House

Pencarrow House

Pencarrow House and Gardens are tucked away in the heart of Cornwall and has been the cherished family abode of the Molesworth-St Aubyns for nearly five centuries. The family opened its doors to the public in the 1970’s. Since then, they have joyfully welcomed families, history aficionados, nature enthusiasts and beloved dogs and their owners, creating cherished memories for all who visit. This sets it apart as a truly distinctive destination separate from the National Trust.

Hidden amidst the picturesque landscapes bordering Bodmin Moor, this Cornish architectural treasure boasts a plethora of attractions suitable for all. The dog friendly enchanting Grade II listed gardens, which can be explored over the 50-acre estate. An ancient Iron Age fort, a delightful children’s play area, along with a cozy café and a charming gift shop, promise an unforgettable experience. ensuring there’s something special for every member of the family.”

Pencarrow House & Gardens hosts a vibrant array of events throughout the year. From family-friendly gatherings to nostalgic delights, there’s something for everyone. Bluebell Sundays are a highlight, the ever-popular Teddy Bears Picnic, and each year they delight visitors with their festive Christmas Craft Fair.

The Peacock Café, is housed within a stunning vaulted building with abundant outdoor seating. Treat yourself to tantalizing cakes, delectable lunches, and a wide array of teas and coffees, all freshly prepared using the finest locally sourced ingredients from Cornwall. Adjacent to the café is a charming natural children’s play area, complete with a one-of-a-kind Wendy house featuring a slate roof!

Please note, there is no entrance fee for visiting the café alone. Just inform one of the friendly shop staff upon your arrival.


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Coasteering with Freewave Surf Academy

Coasteering with Freewave Surf Academy

Embark on an extraordinary and thrilling aquatic adventure with coasteering near Bude. Suitable for various groups and ages, this action-packed experience promises excitement and awe.

Meet The Coasteering Team
Our team comprises certified and seasoned coasteering instructors who will lead you through the intertidal zone along Bude’s breathtaking coastline. Dive into expansive Cornish sea caves, discover wildlife-abundant rock pools, access hidden and secluded beaches around Bude, and take the plunge from one of our thrilling cliff jumping spots!

Discover The Coasteering Venues
While our primary venue is at Bossiney Bay near Bude, Cornwall, we also have access to multiple venues scattered along the stunning Cornwall coastline. Each location presents a variety of thrilling opportunities, explorations, and experiences in a spectacular environment. The choice of coasteering site will be based on the day’s conditions, making transportation essential for your coasteering adventure with us.

Craft Your Coasteering Experience

Tailored to suit the needs and abilities of each group, our coasteering sessions provide all necessary safety equipment. Just bring along old trainers that you don’t mind getting wet. Participants must be over 10 years old, capable of swimming 50 meters unaided, and those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Begin your session by meeting your coasteering guide near Bude, Cornwall. Once you’re ready, don a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, and helmet, and don’t forget those water-friendly shoes! Pay close attention to the coasteering safety briefing from the lead guide, who will provide insights into what to expect from your coasteering adventure. Familiarize yourself with the ‘do’s’ and ‘do not’s’ before immersing yourself in the beauty of the Cornish sea and exploring Bude’s enchanting coastline.

Minimum age for coasteering with us in Bude, Cornwall is 10 years old. All participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult during the activity.

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Primrose Cottage

Primrose Cottage

Welcome to Primrose Cottage, your idyllic retreat nestled in a stunning location overlooking Summerleaze Beach and Bude Canal on Breakwater Road. This charming Mariner’s cottage effortlessly blends modern comfort with its historic maritime character.

Just a stone’s throw from Cornwall’s premier surfing beaches, Summerleaze and Crooklets, and a short stroll from Bude town centre, Primrose Cottage offers the perfect base for a family holiday with all the comforts of home.

This three bedroom property comfortably sleeps six comprising a super king bed which can be split into twin beds on request, a king size bed and two twin beds.

After a day of seaside adventures, unwind by watching fishing boats return at sunset over the Atlantic or relax in the tranquility of the enchanting rear garden. Inside, discover a well-equipped kitchen, a dining room, and a lounge with a contemporary flame-effect fire.

A key feature of this cottage is the large and tranquil rear garden with fruit trees and summerhouse. It is accessed via steps from the enclosed courtyard garden which has an outside shower. Private off-road parking is available for one car, there is also public on-street parking to the front of the house.

Primrose Cottage is perfectly located next to beach and minutes from the town, welcoming guests all year-round.

• Bedroom One with King Size bed
• Bedroom Two with Super King Size bed (can be split into twin)
• Bedroom Three with two Single beds.
• Upstairs bath/shower and toilet
• Downstairs toilet and large shower
• Lounge
• Wall mounted flame effect contemporary fire
• Dining Room
• Kitchen
• Electric oven and hob
• Fridge/freezer
• Microwave
• Washing machine/dryer
• Central heating
• Enclosed courtyard with outside shower
• Garden to rear
• Beach view
• Off-road parking
• Bed linen and bath towels provided
• Children welcome
• Pets welcome (£30 surcharge per dog)
• WiFi

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Broadclose Park

Broadclose Park

Broadclose Park Camping is located at Bude Football Club and is suitable for motorhomes and tents. This central location is ideal for visitors wanting to explore Bude, as it’s within walking distance of the town centre, Summerleaze Beach, and supermarkets.

This site is perfect for campers seeking basic amenities and a convenient base with easy access to Bude, whether on foot or by bike. All pitches are on grass, six have electric hook up and there are 25 grass pitches.

The non-electric pitches are not marked which does allow you to pitch with your family group and you can park your vehicle next to your tent.

Facilities at Broadclose Park include:

  • A fresh water tap.
  • 2 toilets.
  • 1 cold water sink.
  • 2 shower areas, “Home” and “Away” shower areas. (these are what the football teams use when there is a match).  Each shower area has several showers but there are no cubicles, however you can lock the external door.
  • A double plug in the shower area for hair dryers and phone charging.
  • There is no chemical waste disposal but it can be disposed of “carefully” in the toilets.

Prices per night:


Child £7.50

Infant (under 4) free

Electric hook up £8.50

Dog ( Maximum of 2) £1.50 per dog.

We kindly ask all visitors to show respect and consideration for one another and our team, creating an inclusive and harmonious environment for everyone to enjoy.

When booking, please observe the following guidelines during your stay:

  • Quiet Hours: Maintain low noise levels before 8 AM and after 10 PM to ensure a peaceful night for all.
  • BBQ Use: Feel free to use BBQs, but ensure they are elevated off the ground and never left unattended.
  • Neighbourly Respect: Please respect the privacy of your neighbours.
  • Waste Disposal: Utilize the bins provided around the site and avoid leaving rubbish at your pitch.
  • Pet Policy: Keep dogs on a lead around the site and clean up after them. A public footpath adjacent to the site is available for dog walking.
  • Facility Use: Leave the facilities clean after use and as you would like to find them.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The monies raised from the camping goes towards the running of Bude Football Club.

Please Note:As the site is part of Bude Football Club there might be football practice or match during your stay. 


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5 Falcon Terrace

5 Falcon Terrace

5 Falcon Terrace offers a delightful retreat for up to three guests, ideally situated next to the tranquil Bude Canal and just a short stroll from the captivating Summerleaze Beach. Whether you’re an avid walker, a surf enthusiast, or simply seeking relaxation, this charming 18th-century cottage is the perfect base for your Cornwall adventure.

Step inside and immerse yourself in the timeless charm of this traditional cottage, enhanced with modern amenities and stylish touches throughout. The cottage boasts a double bedroom with picturesque views overlooking the canal, as well as a cozy single bedroom with a tranquil garden vista. For families with little ones, a travel cot can be provided upon request.

You’ll find everything you need for a comfortable stay, from entertainment options like a TV and Bose Soundsystem to practical amenities such as high-speed WIFI, a log burner, and a reliable heating system for those cooler evenings.

The well-equipped kitchen features quality appliances including an oven, gas hob, toaster, kettle, fridge freezer, washing machine, and tumble dryer, ensuring convenience and ease during your stay.

Step through the back door and discover the enchanting garden retreat, complete with outdoor seating and dining areas, perfect for enjoying al fresco meals or firing up the BBQ for a leisurely evening under the stars.

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Honeysuckle Cottage

Honeysuckle Cottage

Escape the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Honeysuckle Cottage, the largest of our charming Cornish Cottages. Combining the allure of a traditional Cornish dwelling with modern comforts, this enchanting retreat welcomes you with open arms.

As you step through the door, you’re greeted by the timeless charm of wobbly walls, twisted oak beams, and deep-set windows, evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth. The slate flooring and wood-burning stove nestled within the original inglenook fireplace add to the cottage’s rustic appeal, inviting you to unwind and embrace the serene ambiance.

Honeysuckle Cottage offers a haven of relaxation, allowing you to disconnect and rejuvenate amidst its idyllic surroundings. With miles of golden sand just moments away and the breathtaking countryside at your doorstep, paired with our exceptional on-site facilities, your stay promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

On the ground floor, the cottage unfolds its welcoming spaces. To the left of the entrance, the cosy lounge beckons, adorned with beamed ceilings, slate flooring, and plush sofas—perfect for sinking into after a day of exploration. A wall-mounted TV with a DVD player provides entertainment, while the wood-burner, complete with a complimentary log supply, offers warmth and ambiance on chilly evenings. Next to the lounge lies the dining room, featuring a large country-style table and an ornamental fireplace, creating a charming setting for shared meals and laughter. The compact yet fully equipped kitchen awaits, with a backdoor leading directly to the enclosed private garden and patio area—a tranquil retreat for al fresco dining or simply soaking up the sunshine.

Ascend the staircase to the first floor, where serenity awaits. The spacious master bedroom welcomes you with a king-sized iron bedstead, offering ample space for a cot if needed. A twin bedroom provides comfortable accommodations for additional guests, while the bathroom boasts a luxurious raindrop shower, perfect for unwinding and refreshing after a day of adventure.

At Honeysuckle Cottage, every moment is infused with charm and tranquillity, promising a holiday to remember amidst the beauty of Cornwall.

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Meadow View

Meadow View

Discover the charm of our self-catering apartment, where modern comfort meets stunning panoramic views. This two-story haven offers a double en-suite bedroom on the ground floor for restful nights and a delightful lounge, kitchen, toilet, and enclosed balcony on the first floor for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Indulge in the picturesque panorama of Bude canal and marshes from the privacy of your own enclosed balcony. This elevated vantage point provides an immersive experience, allowing guests to soak in the beauty of their surroundings.

Nestled in a quiet residential close, a mere stroll from the town centre, beaches, and restaurants, our apartment offers a perfect balance of proximity and peace. Adjacent to the cycle path and footpath, guests can revel in a traffic-free walk into town, immersing themselves in the serenity of our surroundings.

Enjoy hassle-free parking right outside, with the off-road cycle track just minutes away. Guests have the added convenience of a garage for storing beach items, bicycles, and more. Our beautiful shared garden beckons, providing a tranquil space for relaxation and camaraderie with fellow guests.

Experience the best of both worlds – the convenience of a central location and the tranquility of a secluded retreat. Your panoramic escape in Bude awaits at our self-catering apartment.


Sleeps – Two Adults in a double bedroom.
Bathroom – En-suite shower Room
Outside – Shaped gardens / summerhouse / patio / BBQ
Parking – Ample private parking for guests
Accessibility – Not suitable for those with limited ability
Children – Unfortunately No children
Pets – Pets not accepted
Location – Just off the town centre but walking distance to all amenities

WIFI throughout
TV includes full Sky package + BT Sports
Complimentary welcome pack to include:
Bottle of wine (for weeks stay), tea bags, coffee, marmalade/jams, butter/milk/bread/fruit juice and biscuits.

Towels and face cloths are provided plus beach towels and beach bag.

Table and Chairs
Shared garden and patio

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Shepherds Cottage

Shepherds Cottage

Snuggle up in Shepherds, a blissfully relaxing bolthole. Named after the family who farmed at West Woolley for generations, this newly built cottage is set apart from the main courtyard, giving it a lovely secluded feel.

As soon as you step though the front door you’ll feel yourself start to unwind. With its sunny interior, wooden floors and views over the rolling fields, there’s a real sense of peace. Sink into the big corner sofa with a glass of wine or enjoy a soak in the bath. The sleek kitchen has everything you need to conjure up a feast – just the thing after a long country walk.

Perfect for couples, Shepherds has a tranquil bedroom with a huge and hugely comfortable super-king bed. It’s spacious yet cosy too, and there’s room for a cot in the bedroom (suitable for infants under 2 years old). The combination of a heat pump, solar thermal and extra insulation means you can be snug and smug – knowing it’s eco-friendly.

Plus, because it’s all on one level it’s great for anyone who has difficulty with stairs or for babies who enjoy crawling or furniture-cruising!

There’s a seating area just outside the cottage, which is a real suntrap and a great spot to sit with cup of coffee serenaded by the birds.

Please note, due to the internal layout of this cottage, in the event of a fire, guests must be physically capable of exiting the building via a ground floor window should the primary escape route be blocked or impassable.



  • Luxurious superking bed (6’/180cm)
  • 1 bedroom
  • Room for cot in main bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • Dines 2
  • Central heating
  • White cotton bedlinen & towels
  • Smart TV & Blu-ray/DVD
  • Bluetooth audio
  • USB charger points
  • Private outdoor seating area
  • No smoking
  • No pets
  • Flexible cancellation
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The View

The View

Elevated in a commanding position, The View offers sweeping vistas of the expansive Cornish countryside and the sparkling sea beyond. Nestled within a striking Victorian house, originally erected in 1906 and meticulously refurbished in 2022, this accommodation exudes timeless charm and modern luxury.

The focal point of the bedroom is a grand super-king barley twist spires four-poster bed, complete with a memory foam mattress for unparalleled comfort. Unwind in the freestanding roll-top brass bathtub, equipped with bubbling air-spa jets—a luxurious retreat perfectly sized for two. A luminous feature wall bathes the room in a warm brass glow, complemented by ambient lighting that enhances the tranquil ambiance. Open the bi-folding doors to invite in the coastal breeze, while gazing upon the panoramic views of the Cornish countryside and the glistening sea of Widemouth Bay.

Entertainment options include a Smart TV, providing a seamless blend of relaxation and technology. The open-plan living area features a cozy gas fire, ideal for cozy evenings indoors, while south-facing sliding doors lead to the expansive patio, enveloping the entire apartment in natural light. Underfloor heating ensures comfort throughout your stay.

The fully equipped kitchen boasts modern conveniences, including a Nespresso coffee machine, dishwasher, and a suite of essential appliances and utensils. A walk-in digitally controlled Sensori smart shower awaits, accompanied by LED mirror lighting and a hand basin crafted from a large river stone. Locally sourced toiletries and bath foam add a touch of indulgence to your bathing experience.

Step outside onto the spacious deck area to immerse yourself in the captivating scenery, where parking is conveniently located a short distance from the apartment.

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Grain Store Barn

Grain Store Barn

This much-loved ‘upside down’ barn has a fantastic open-plan sitting, dining and kitchen area, perfect for family living. It’s got a lovely light and airy feel thanks to its lofty rafters and big window. Stand at the kitchen sink and soak up the views over the surrounding farmland (it almost makes you want to ignore the dishwasher and do the washing up!).

The squashy sofas are arranged around the big window overlooking the courtyard and are ideal for curling up on with a good book. The colour-washed walls, wooden floors and old pine furniture make for a wonderfully relaxing space, which gets flooded with early morning sun.

Downstairs there are two bedrooms and a family bathroom leading off the slated hallway. There’s a cosy double with an en-suite shower room plus a twin-bedded room.

A private courtyard garden with seating and room for a BBQ adds to the Grain Store’s charms.

  • 2 bedrooms
  • King size double bed (5’/150cm)
  • 1 en-suite shower room
  • 1 family bathroom
  • Dines 4
  • Central heating
  • White cotton bedlinen & towels
  • Smart TV & Blu-ray/DVD player
  • Bluetooth audio
  • USB charger points
  • High chair & stair gate available
  • Private courtyard garden
  • No smoking
  • No pets
  • Flexible cancellation
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Dylly Yurts

Dylly Yurts

Welcome to Dylly Yurts, where you can experience the tranquility of the countryside and enjoy uninterrupted sea views from our two charming yurts, Wanson and Lundy.

Nestled in a picturesque paddock in the quiet hamlet of Poundstock, just a short drive (10-minutes) south of Bude, our yurts offer a peaceful retreat surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Each yurt has its own unique character, with Lundy featuring a small balcony and elevated entrance, while Wanson is conveniently situated at ground level.

Inside, you’ll find comfortable sleeping arrangements, with either a king-size bed or a double bed, along with a futon for additional guests or children. We also provide a cot upon request to ensure a restful night’s sleep for all.

Our seperate kitchen area is equipped with a hob, microwave, and fridge.

Adjacent is a charming eating space where you can enjoy your meals while taking in the breathtaking views.

Additionally, a BBQ and fire pit are available for outdoor cooking and evening gatherings under the stars.

We offer a compost loo and outdoor shower facilities.

Off-site parking is just a few yards away, ensuring easy access to your accommodation.

Please note that due to the surrounding farmland, we regretfully cannot accommodate dogs at our site.

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Hayloft Barn

Hayloft Barn

Discover the idyllic charm of Hayloft, an inviting holiday haven set in the heart of the countryside and perfect for families with young children. Nestled in our beautiful enclosed courtyard, Hayloft accommodates up to 4 guests and has undergone sensitive renovations to preserve its original charm. Exposed beams and slate flooring contribute to the stylish, bright, and airy atmosphere, ensuring a comfortable and delightful stay. This single-storey accommodation is designed for convenience and accessibility, featuring its own private porch—a handy space for storing a pushchair or wheelchair.

Hayloft offers a world of fun and entertainment right at your doorstep, from seaside adventures to cozy evenings spent toasting marshmallows over a campfire as the sun sets. Create precious memories with your family in this inviting retreat.


  • Single-storey accommodation with an entrance porch leading to an internal door opening directly into the open-plan living room area. The room features a wall-mounted TV, comfy sofas, soft furnishings, a dining table, and a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Doors at each end lead to a large master bedroom with a king-sized bed and a flat-screen TV at one end, and the twin bedroom with blackout blinds at the other. The twin beds can be converted into a super-king for a couple by prior arrangement. The bedrooms are adjacent to the recently refurbished bathroom with an over-bath raindrop shower.

Access statement:

  • Hayloft Cottage has 2 steps into the porch, which offers useful storage space for a pushchair or wheelchair. Ramp access can be provided for additional convenience.

Hayloft is located in our Courtyard, next to the guest car park, where it has its own designated parking space. Experience the tranquility and comfort of Hayloft as you embark on a delightful holiday retreat in the heart of the countryside.


Outdoor Play Area – free to use
A delightful space featuring a play trail, swings, slides, a climbing frame, and a 14-foot trampoline with a safety net enclosure. For little adventurers on wheels, we offer a selection of bikes, trikes, and push-alongs.

Indoor Games Room – free to use
Perfect for those occasional rainy days or when the kids just need to let off some steam! Our games room features a soft-play area for little kids and a pool table for bigger ones, as well as a host of local information and free DVD library.

Animal Field – free to use
Originally a working farm, Court Farm Holidays still has some animals for guests to meet. Why not make a morning visit to the animals part of your daily holiday routine – don your wellies and help us feed our furry residents!

Swimming Pool – free to use
Dive into the inviting warmth of our 9.7 x 4.7m indoor swimming pool, which is open all year and heated to 30°C.

Children can revel in the fun with our collection of inflatable toys, floats, and noodles, adding an extra splash of excitement to their swimming adventures.

Fire Pits – free to use
Discover our two fire pit areas, perfect for some marshmallow toasting or a relaxed evening sundown session!

Tennis Court – free to use
Our all-weather surface tennis court is available for all guests.

Extras – small extra fee
The site also offers bike and wetsuit hire.

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Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach

Nestled on the picturesque Summerleaze Beach in Bude, Life’s a Beach (L.A.B) offers a haven of relaxation with a backdrop of the rolling waves. With a laid-back and friendly atmosphere, L.A.B is your go-to spot for delightful food and refreshing drinks throughout the day, evolving seamlessly into the perfect setting for post-surf sundowners.

Our menu is a testament to quality and affordability, featuring dishes crafted with fresh, local ingredients sourced from hand-picked suppliers who share our passion for exceptional food. Whether you’re craving the zest of Cuban sandwiches or the succulence of locally caught fish, our diverse menu caters to every palate. Pair your meal with fairtrade coffee or indulge in ice-cold beers as you soak in the coastal vibes.

Situated just a stone’s throw from the shoreline, Life’s a Beach provides an unparalleled dining experience with the sound of waves as your soundtrack. Our commitment to using the finest local ingredients ensures that every bite is a celebration of coastal flavors.

Regardless of the weather, Life’s a Beach is dedicated to serving you some of the tastiest food and the best vibes around. Our beachside haven is designed to be your refuge, offering culinary delights that elevate your seaside experience.

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Willow Tree Cafe

Willow Tree Cafe

Step into the Willow Tree Cafe, where old and new friends gather in the midst of nature’s embrace. Our cafe provides a warm and inviting space for you to connect, relax, and savor moments of respite. The outside seating area, a work in progress, invites you to unwind amidst the captivating transformation of the land.

Embark on a leisurely stroll through our secure large woodland walk, a serene haven that evolves with the changing seasons. This expansive natural space is open to everyone, including your four-legged companions. A section of the cafe area is dog-friendly, allowing you to share the joys of nature with your loyal friends. As you traverse the woodland walk, witness the fascinating rewilding process, where the landscape transforms with new flora and fauna.

At Willow Tree Cafe, we celebrate the companionship of our canine friends. Once inside the woodland walk, let your dogs roam freely, but remember to keep them on a lead until you enter this natural sanctuary. We respect that not everyone shares the same affinity for our furry friends, ensuring a harmonious experience for all our visitors.

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The Preston Gate Inn

The Preston Gate Inn

The Preston Gate Inn, is a charming pub being a former cottage dating back to the early 1980s. The establishment may be relatively young but the building itself boasts a rich history that adds to its unique character. You’ll find it in the ancient Cornish settlement of Poughill on the edge of Bude.

Originally known as “Pyston Yate” or “Priests Gate,” the origins of the pub’s name is thought to be connected to the nearby old Vicarage, which dates back to 1679. This historical link adds a touch of intrigue and invites you to step back in time as you enjoy the cozy ambiance.

A thriving pub serving great food.  Themed food nights, live music Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, quiz night Wednesday, open Mic night last Saturday of the month and a Sunday roast there really is something for every day of the week.


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North Coast Wine Lounge

North Coast Wine Lounge

At this charming independent wine bar, coffee shop and bottle shop, you are welcomed with open arms to indulge in the art of relaxation and conviviality.  Whether you fancy a leisurely catch-up over coffee and cake or an evening of sophisticated sips and savoury bites, there’s a spot waiting just for you.

Here, you’ll discover a haven boasting the town’s most extensive wine selection, available for both immediate enjoyment and takeaway.  But this isn’t just any wine selection – it’s a carefully curated array of rare finds and exceptional spirits, curated to pique the interest of even the most discerning palate.  Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to offer insights and recommendations, ensuring you find the perfect pour.

And let’s not forget our commitment to local artisans and producers! From breweries to bakeries and distilleries, we proudly showcase the best of Bude’s culinary scene, adding a dash of hometown flavour to every sip and bite. And for you seeking a little extra indulgence, our cocktails are nothing short of legendary.

So whether you’re stopping by for a quick sip or settling in for an evening of exploration, you are invited to join the vibrant scene on the edge of Bude Triangle, where every moment is an invitation to savour the simple joys of good company and great drinks.


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The Barrel

The Barrel

North Cornwall’s first Micropub was opened in 2017 and is the only pub in the Good Beer Guide and sells only drinks from Cornwall.

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The Brendon Arms

The Brendon Arms

The Brendon Arms has remained under the ownership and management of the Brendon family since 1872. With its commanding position overlooking Bude’s inner harbour and mere stones throw from the Bude’s distinctive sea-lock and Summerleaze beach, it holds a coveted spot in the town. Proudly proclaiming to offer ‘The Warmest Welcome in the West,’ the Brendon Arms invites guests to experience hospitality at its finest.

The Brendon Arms is a welcoming family-friendly pub, boasting a spacious garden with picturesque views over Bude Canal – an ideal spot for a relaxing drink or meal.

At the Brendon Arms, they take pride in serving traditional pub fare with a focus on homemade dishes crafted from locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Also enjoy a diverse selection of beverages, including offerings from local Cornish producers and national breweries.

With a menu that caters to various dietary preferences, offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Please be aware that while well-behaved dogs are welcome in the garden and the bar area, they are not permitted in the restaurant. However, the dog-friendly bar also serves the full menu. When making your booking, kindly let a member of staff know if you require an inside dog-friendly table, and they will be happy to accommodate you and your furry friend.




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1940's Tea Experience @ The Kitchen Front

1940's Tea Experience @ The Kitchen Front

Step Back in Time: Immerse Yourself in Our Living History Tearoom

In the quaint corner of our shop at The Kitchen Front, on the Lower Wharf next to Bude Canal discover a piece of history at our 1940s’ Tea Room. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm, we provide an intimate setting for up to 8 people. To ensure you secure your spot, kindly give us a call the day before to book, as we tend to get quite busy!

Pre-booking not only allows us to prepare for any special dietary needs but also opens the door to a wider range of sandwiches and cakes, enhancing your dining experience. We appreciate your cooperation; it enables us to offer a better and more personalized service.

Indulge in large pots of loose-leaf tea or coffee, accompanied by original 1940s recipe cakes—no modern twists here! Immerse yourself in a living history tearoom, complete with fine bone china, a replica Wartime newspaper to peruse, and the enchanting strains of big band swing in the air.

Heralded as a ‘little gem of a place’ and a ‘really unique 5-star experience,’ our 1940s’ Tea Room provides a fabulous alternative to your regular take-away coffee and cake. Come, sit, relax, and relish the special calm atmosphere we’ve crafted just for you.

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Molesworth Arms

Molesworth Arms

We are husband and wife team and have been running the Molesworth Arms for 8 years.

The Molesworth Arms had been shut up and boarded up for nearly 3 years before we purchased it in 2015.

After all this time we have finally discovered & established our market which relies on us ensuring a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, fresh dishes, local produce and a menu that we try & cater for all dietary requirements.

We grow most of our herbs, vegetables & flowers in our organic polytunnel and locally source all our ingredients as near as we can. Our menu changes weekly and we cook everything on site and enjoy creating interesting & tasty dishes.

The Molesworth Arms is situated in the square in the sleepy village of Pyworthy, 10 miles in land east of Bude near all the beautiful coastal beaches of Cornwall and in close reach of our suppliers.

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Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farm

Indulge in the charm of Blackberry Farm, where a warm welcome awaits you amidst the breathtaking beauty of Dartmoor. Join us for a delightful experience, savouring homemade food and delectable cakes in our tearoom or garden, offering unparalleled views of Dartmoor’s expansive landscapes.

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey as you enjoy our tearoom or garden, where every bite and sip is accompanied by the mesmerizing backdrop of Dartmoor. Whether you’re here for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, our culinary offerings are designed to elevate your experience.

At Blackberry Farm, we take pride in our commitment to food miles. Our shop and tearoom showcase a selection of produce grown on the farm or locally sourced, emphasising the importance of supporting the community. Indulge in our award-winning beef and lamb, local pork, free-range chicken, duck, and wild game. From our homemade sausages and burgers to every dish we serve, freshness and local flavors take center stage.

Meet Lizzy and Gillian, the culinary maestros behind the scenes. Their passion for food is evident in every dish they craft, ensuring that each bite is a testament to the dedication and love poured into Blackberry Farm’s culinary offerings.

Join us at Blackberry Farm, where good food, stunning views, and a warm atmosphere come together for an unforgettable culinary escape. Feel free to pop in and savor the essence of Dartmoor in every delightful moment.

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Mad Hatters Restaurant

Mad Hatters Restaurant

Embark on a culinary journey just a 25-minute drive from Bude at The Mad Hatters Restaurant. Nestled in the heart of nature, our restaurant offers a delightful retreat where you can savour great food while overlooking our enchanting lake, fed by a babbling brook that powers the water wheel on the mill house. Bring your family, and let the little ones enjoy feeding the fish under close adult supervision, or take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque gardens surrounding the restaurant.

Open from 10 am daily, our restaurant beckons you with a delightful breakfast menu served until 11.30 am (11.15 am on Sundays). Indulge in a coffee-and-cake rendezvous or elevate your lunchtime experience with a treat from our daytime lunch menu, enriched by daily specials crafted by our skilled chefs, available from 12 pm to 2 pm. Additionally, revel in the exquisite flavours of our high tea served from 2.30 pm until half an hour before closing.

We take pride in utilising locally produced food, featuring free-range eggs, meats, and cheese sourced from the region. At The Mad Hatters, we prioritise catering to your dietary preferences; simply inform our waiting staff of any requirements when placing your order.

Sundays at The Mad Hatters are a feast for the senses with our award-winning Sunday Carvery served between 12 pm and 1.30 pm. We highly recommend booking in advance, as our carvery is a sought-after experience. Adults can indulge for £13.95, while children enjoy a delectable experience for £8.95.

At The Mad Hatters Restaurant, we offer more than just a meal; we provide an escape into nature’s embrace. Discover the perfect blend of tranquility and culinary excellence as you indulge in our menu inspired by the beauty of North Devon.

Escape the ordinary and join us at The Mad Hatters Restaurant for an unparalleled dining experience. Whether it’s a leisurely lunch, a delightful high tea, or a Sunday carvery, we invite you to savour the flavours of nature and gastronomy in harmony.

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Crooklets Beach

Crooklets Beach

Crooklets Beach with its Blue Flag and Seaside Award beckons with its expansive stretch of golden sand and intriguing rock pools waiting to be explored at low tide. While the pebbly top adds a touch of character, once the tide retreats, it reveals a vast sandy playground for beachgoers. This award-winning beach proudly boasts a Blue Flag designation, a testament to its cleanliness and quality.

Connected to Summerleaze Beach, Crooklets offers easy access to the renowned Bude Sea Pool during low tide, with a leisurely 15-minute stroll across the sand.

Popular among surfers, families, and beach enthusiasts alike, Crooklets Beach provides a safe and picturesque setting for seaside activities. The abundance of activity companies ensures there’s no shortage of outdoor pursuits and water sports to enjoy.

Crooklets Beach’s inviting sloped promenade offers level access and a flat viewing area, ideal for leisurely strolls and taking in the coastal scenery. Beach huts dot the landscape, available for daily hire, adding to the charm and convenience of this beloved seaside destination.

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Duckpool Beach

Duckpool Beach

Duckpool Beach is a cherished retreat, treasured for its untamed charm and secluded atmosphere nestled at the base of the Coombe Valley.  Here, visitors are welcomed by the pristine beauty of a tranquil cove, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Families will find endless delight in the expansive open space, where children can roam freely and discover the wonders of nature.  The beach’s large rockpools promise hours of exploration and excitement, providing a playground of discovery for young adventurers.  While the entrance may be lined with imposing pebbles, the reward of a vast expanse of sand revealed at low tide is well worth the journey.

For those with a spirit of adventure, we recommend ascending the cliff path in either direction, where panoramic vistas await, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding coastline.  The Coombe Valley also offers a variety of scenic walks, each unveiling its own hidden treasures.

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Northcott Mouth Beach

Northcott Mouth Beach

Escape the crowds and enjoy the serene beauty of Northcott Mouth Beach, a secluded sanctuary offering a peaceful alternative to the busier town center beaches.  Carved into the rugged coastline, Northcott Mouth greets visitors with a rocky shoreline that gracefully transitions into a vast expanse of soft sand.

The cliffs that tower above are adorned with intricate geological folds, hinting at the ancient forces that have shaped this captivating landscape.  Amongst the sands lies the mysterious remnants of a shipwreck, a poignant reminder of the sea’s untamed power, occasionally revealed by the shifting tides.

Nestled within the embrace of these towering cliffs, Northcott Mouth exudes an enchanting allure, and children will delight in the expansive marine playground that awaits, with endless opportunities to explore rock pools and create dams along the stream.

A hike along the South West Coast Path towards Sandymouth unveils breathtaking vistas at every turn.  If the tides align, the sandy shores offer a more accessible route, providing a tranquil pathway for coastal exploration.  Be sure to consult with a lifeguard to ensure safe passage before venturing forth.

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Widemouth Bay Beach

Widemouth Bay Beach

Just a stone’s throw from the heart of Bude, a mere five-minute drive or short bus ride, lies the irresistible allure of Widemouth Bay with a vast two-mile expanse of sand.

This Blue Flag and Seaside Award-winning beach proudly boasts a Blue Flag designation, a testament to its cleanliness and quality and promises all the amenities necessary for a memorable family day at the beach.

While it may appear as one expansive shoreline, it’s actually divided into two distinct sections.  Venturing to the southern end of the beach where the shoreline transitions into rocky terrain takes you to Black Rock Beach.  This rocky expanse presents an ideal opportunity for rock pooling enthusiasts, with an abundance of marine life waiting to be discovered during lower tides.

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Sandymouth Bay Beach

Sandymouth Bay Beach

Nestled just 15 minutes north of town by car lies the stunning Sandymouth Bay Beach, a gem under the care of the National Trust.  When the tide recedes, it reveals a vast expanse of pristine sandy shores, often offering a quieter retreat compared to the bustling main beaches.  Its allure captivates families and surfers alike, with the addition of towering cliffs as a picturesque backdrop.

Access to this coastal haven isn’t particularly convenient, theres a steep walk down from the National Trust car park.  There’s a seasonal café, and a mere 10-minute walk leads to the year-round Holiday Park, boasting a bar, coffee shop and restaurant.

During low tide, embark on a captivating coastal journey, tracing the two-mile stretch from Crooklets Beach to Sandymouth, where hidden treasures like a buried shipwreck await discovery, alongside the intricate honeycomb structures of the sandcastle worm.

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Millook Haven Beach

Millook Haven Beach

Tucked away in an almost secret location, Millook Haven Beach is a hidden gem that stands out even among the region’s renowned coastal treasures.  Venturing to Millook Haven Beach, however, requires caution. With no lifeguards present and a narrow, steep road leading to its shores, safety must be a priority for any explorer.

While it may lack the swathes of sand found on other beaches, Millook’s rugged charm, adorned with pebbles and shingles, offers a serene escape from the bustling summer crowds, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its natural tranquility.  Beyond its surface allure, Millook Beach is a sanctuary for wildlife, its shores teeming with the diverse inhabitants of Cornwall’s coastal ecosystem.

It’s not just its natural beauty that sets Millook apart; the beach also boasts a captivating geological landscape, characterized by the famed zigzag folds etched into its towering cliffs, a testament to the earth’s ancient forces at work.

For those seeking to delve deeper into the splendor of Millook and its surroundings, the Millook Circular presents an enchanting journey. This picturesque walk guides adventurers through verdant valleys, ancient woodlands, and along the rugged Coast Path, offering glimpses into the rich tapestry of Cornwall’s countryside.


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Summerleaze Beach

Summerleaze Beach

Summerleaze Beach, with its Blue Flag and Seaside Award is a much loved destination for locals and visitors alike, conveniently located just off the town centre and offering a wealth of attractions and activites for all to enjoy.

With its expansive sandy shores and convenient large car park, Summerleaze Beach provides ample space for leisurely strolls, beach games, or simply soaking up the sun. The iconic Bude Sea Pool adds to its allure, offering a safe haven for swimmers of all ages, overseen by seasonal lifeguard patrols from the RNLI.

Adventure seekers will delight in the array of activities available, including surfing, kayaking, and Stand Up Paddleboarding, with options suitable for every skill level.

Summerleaze Beach has good accessibility, with facilities such as a Changing Places toilet and beach sand wheelchair ensuring everyone can enjoy the coastal experience. The seasonal Beach Office and Shop offers convenient services such as beach hut hire and a variety of beach essentials for purchase.

Explorers will find plenty to discover along the coastline, from the historic Bude Breakwater to the famed Bude Sea Pool, a semi-natural sea water pool dating back to the 1930s. The surrounding area boasts scenic sand dunes, providing a vital eco-system and offering opportunities for peaceful walks and wildlife observation.

Whether you’re soaking up the sun on the sandy shores, exploring coastal paths, or enjoying water sports, Summerleaze Beach offers something for everyone to enjoy, making it a must-visit destination in Bude.

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Black Rock Beach

Black Rock Beach

Located on the southern edge of Widemouth Bay, Black Rock Beach boasts an abundance of untamed beauty.  Its namesake, a prominent rocky outcrop adds to the rugged allure of this coastal gem.

Be mindful of the powerful tides, as Black Rock Beach can become isolated at high tide, adding an element of adventure to your visit. Surfers are drawn to the challenging waves created by the point and reef breaks, providing exhilarating rides for wave enthusiasts.

For nature lovers of all ages, the beach reveals a treasure trove of delights at low tide.  Explore the myriad rock pools teeming with marine life, offering fascinating insights into the coastal ecosystem.

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The Bude Experience

Explore our collection of activities, attractions, places to eat, things to do and event schedules and you’re sure to experience the best of Bude and enjoy a unique and memorable visit to Bude.

Nature & Scenery

Bude boasts breathtaking beaches, rugged cliffs, and pristine waters, providing a picturesque backdrop for a variety of outdoor activities.

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Outdoor Adventures

From surfing and kayaking to hiking along the South West Coast Path, the Bude Experience is defined by the myriad of opportunities for adventure.

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Water Sports

Bude is known as a surfing hotspot, drawing water sports enthusiasts from around the world.  Paddle boarding, bodyboarding, and kayaking are also popular activities in the sea, canal and lakes.

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Cultural Enrichment

The Bude Castle Heritage Centre and galleries offer insights into the town’s history and culture, providing visitors with 
a deeper understanding of its heritage.

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Local Cuisine

Savour the flavours of Cornwall, including freshly caught seafood and traditional Cornish pasties, in its charming cafes 
and eateries.

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The Sustainable Traveller

If the natural environment matters to you and an eco-consciousness underpins the choices that you make in life, you will be welcomed as one of us during your holiday in Bude.  Our natural surroundings really define Bude – we are famous for our pristine beaches, gorgeous coastal paths, rugged geology…

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Solo Traveller

Bude is friendly, this is one thing we can be sure of and one of the main reasons visitors come back to Bude time and again.  If you are travelling alone don’t be concerned, you can enjoy your solitary time in a peaceful, safe environment or can seek out others if you fancy a bit of sociability…

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Dog Friendly

Honestly, you won’t believe how dog-friendly Bude is…  starting with the beaches where you will always find somewhere for your dog to run and play even at the height of the summer season.  Many of the hotels and bars in the area positively encourage you to bring you dog with you, in fact the majority of…

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The challenges of a family holiday with very small people sometimes feel a little overwhelming but we can assure you that Bude and the surrounding area is ideally suited to mini holidaymakers (and their grown-ups!).  Keeping it simple is the key and there is nothing more satisfying than watching your little ones play…

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The Foodie

Does good food get your juices flowing?  If so, you are in the right place as there is no end to the culinary offerings to be found in the Bude area!  We cater for the full range of tastes and budgets from the classic (and obligatory) Cornish Pasty, baked daily in numerous bakeries in the area, to fine dining…

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Family friendly

Ok, so you’re the ones with the car full to burst with kids, grannies, buckets and spades, wellies, fishing nets and well everything but the kitchen sink!  Bude couldn’t be better set-up to welcome your family on their holiday – in fact we hear regularly that this is the place to come if you want an easy and fun multi-generational holiday.

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Sustainable Bude

We are delighted that The National Lottery awarded Bude Climate Partnership a grant to launch six projects in Bude.  One of these is a Sustainable Tourism Project.  Tourism supports 73% of local businesses and 40% of our jobs, while generating around 50% of our community’s carbon footprint. These factors and our geographical isolation, far from the extent of public services enjoyed in other parts of Cornwall and the UK, make our local economy highly vulnerable to climate change.

The Canal

Several features along its length are unique in British canal history, as you will discover.  A unique waterway, it was originally created for transporting lime rich sand to local farms.  Today it is a place for fun rather than industry.  Explore on foot, paddle on a canoe, kayak or pedaloe.  It’s also a fantastic coarse fishery with some large and unusual species to catch.

Family Time

Bude is the ultimate base for adventurers and beach lovers.  Do you dream of safe, child friendly beaches with great facilities and oodles to do?  Or maybe you’ve a hankering for seclusion – picture-perfect coves brimming with a wild charm that’ll take your breath away?  That’s the beauty of Bude: top facilities and activities on tap, paired with wonderful ‘secret’ Cornish coves.