Husband and wife team Peter and Karen Longley have been running Red Elk Archery for sometime. Peter has years of coaching experience and is a qualified coach with the Field Archery Society, Karen also has an assistant qualification with the same organisation.

You may not think you’re a competitive person but once you get a bow in your hand, Peter has witnessed many a transformation from reluctant participants who initially come along dragging their heels only to find he’s having to prise the bow away from them before they leave.

The 3 hour session starts with range target practice so that everyone gets to learn the techniques.

After about 45 minutes you will be glad of the complimentary tea, coffee or cold drinks which are provided as part of your session.

When you first start out you will find that lactic acid builds up in your shoulder blades this will help release it before you move onto the many targets scattered around the wooded area.

Safety is paramount which is why Red Elk keep the groups small. The result of small groups is you will be getting the full benefit of Peter’s vast knowledge throughout your session. So high is their regard for safety Peter and his wife check the area for any wild animals before you start hitting the targets in the wooded area.

The 19 targets are made of foam to replicate animals so if you imagine your arrow is delivering life saving medicine rather than a fatal blow it might make it an easier way to explain to anyone who could be upset at the thought of hurting an animal even if it’s not real.

The targets are different shapes and sizes and the site itself is undulating so you really will be challenging your new found skills as well as those with previous experience.

Sessions are either 10.00-13.00 or 14.00-17.00.

Please pre book by calling 07784 775473



Average Session Length:
3 hours

Average price per session

Average price per session

Best for:
Equipment provided
Dog friendly
Family friendly
Groups welcome

2 miles North of Bude at Bush. 


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