Bude Canoe Experience

  • Bude Canoe Experience
  • Bude Canoe Experience
  • Bude Canoe Experience
  • Bude Canoe Experience
  • Bude Canoe Experience

Bude Canoe Experience

Bude Canoe Experience

A Bude Canoe Experience is packed with excitement and fun at one of our lovely locations in the heart of Bude or the surrounding North Devon and Cornwall area!

No experience or special clothing required.

You will learn the basics of canoe paddling and head off on a canoe journey to explore, see local wildlife, and practice your new canoeing skills.

All locations are gorgeous, have a terrific amount of wildlife and interesting history. You will see the countryside from a new and exciting perspective. Common sights include jumping fish, Heron, Kingfisher, Moorhen, Coot, Cormorant, Grebe, Sand Piper, Warblers, Ducks, Geese, Dragon fly, and if you are really lucky may be an Otter or Water Vole!

The experience includes all equipment and Paul as your fully qualified and personal guide.

If you don’t fancy paddling on your own, you can be in the same canoe as your guide. Relax and enjoy a canoeing experience!

Because the Bude Canoe Experiences is only for private groups Paul can make each experience unique for you. Just tell him at the time of booking if you have any special requests.
It’s easy to change the bias of the experience:

  • Viewing wildlife and exploring.
  • Focus on learning canoeing skills.
  • For families with young children we can make the experience a great adventure exploring, hiding in reed beds, rafting, bobbing, sponge fighting, racing, rocking, and sometimes walking the plank!
  • Or just relax and let it unfold with Paul’s guidance!

Unique! Paddling with Paul enables you to get off the beaten track and explore beautiful hidden areas. Something that you cannot do without a private guide. Great for spotting wildlife, being at one with nature and that spirit of adventure!

If you choose a Bude Canoe Experience, you will have a real open canoe experience and are sure to have a great time!

Average Session Length:
2 hours

Average price per session (adult):

Average price per session (child)

Best for:
Equipment provided
Dog friendly
Family friendly
Groups welcome

Various locations including Bude Canal, Tamar & Roadford Lakes and River Torridge.

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