Advertise Your Accommodation

Are you looking for a cost-effective platform to advertise and promote your holiday cottage, hotel, B&B, Guest House or Holiday Park?  What ever type of accommodation you have in the Bude area, we’d love to be involved.

We offer fully-inclusive membership scheme with various advertising opportunities.  You’ll be promoted in the Bude Tourist Information Centre, on the VisitBude website and in the official Bude Accommodation Guide.

We provide everything you need to market your property and facilitate online bookings, book-direct bookings and accommodation searches.

We charge 5% to 10% commission on the bookings we make in the office and on the VisitBude website, but bookings made direct are commission free.

…all income is spent on operating the VisitBude website, Tourist Information Centre and provides funds for Bude Area Tourist Board to market Bude!  Without the support of local businesses, we would close!  People are surprised to learn that we receive no funding from Cornwall Council or Bude-Stratton Town Council…

We’re quite different to an Accommodation Agency

  • We make absolutely no restrictions
  • We don’t insist on having a minimum number of weeks to sell
  • We allow guests to book with you direct (commission free)
  • We don’t charge excessive commissions (we charge just 5% – 10%)
  • We don’t mind if you advertise on other booking sites – we just want people to come to Bude!
  • We’re happy to collect booking deposits on your behalf, but we don’t normally collect the balance payment.
  • If we process payments for you, we pay you straight away – you don’t have to wait until the guest has stayed with you
  • You choose your booking and cancellation terms
  • You choose your prices
  • You decide when to start a special offer

We don’t have a defined catchment area.  Certainly, most people who contact us for accommodation are looking to stay in central Bude.  However, we do have members in Holsworthy and Crackington Haven.

Looking to advertise a Hotel, B&B, Self Catering property or Holiday Park in the Bude area?

We don’t dictate your prices or availability and we are mindful that you’re probably looking to let a property which you and your family enjoy to stay in too.

We offer a low-cost and flexible solution where we advertise your property on the VistBude website and in thousands of copies of the STAY Self-Catering Guide.

We provide you with an Inn Style / StayLists account which allows you to load and manage prices and availability which allows visitors to search online for accommodation by date, occupancy, location and facility; and for staff in the Tourist Information Centre to do the same.  It can link to loads of booking systems such as Super Control and Site Minder.

Because we publish your contact details, visitors are able to use our website to find available accommodation and then contact you directly to discuss and book direct with absolutely no commission taken from the booking.  Visitors are also able to book online.

We’re particularly eager to gain more properties within walking distance of the town centre.  Being dog-friendly and accessible is a huge bonus too.

There are four main advertising opportunities, all of which are included in the membership fee…

Full listing/s on the VisitBude website

  • You’ll be listed on every applicable page – for example dog-friendly, accessible, town centre…
  • Full availability calendar to manage availability searches and bookings.

Listing in a printed STAY guide

  • A listing in every print-run intended for distribution in the current year.
  • We print thousands of guides throughout the year and distribute for free from various TIC’s across Devon and Cornwall.  We post them out for free when visitors request one (over the phone or via the website).  They are also available to collect from the TIC – most guides are distributed this way.

Advertised in the Bude Tourist Information Centre

  • You’ll be included in our searches when people call us for help to find somewhere to stay
  • We have all the STAY booklets at the TIC

The Inn Style / StayLists account we provide you with as part of your membership does everything that you will need it to do (and much more).

It’s a complete online system which allows you to manage bookings, keep track of payments and money owing, send booking confirmations and so much more!

Inn Style gives your guests exactly what they want – a slick and simple way for visitors to search for accommodation and perhaps book online.  It’s an intuitive, beautifully designed system with which you can manage your reservations and perhaps take payments.

If you use an existing booking system, we can probably syncronise with it!  

Your £150 membership fee covers the annual payment for the Inn Style account.  So unlike other systems, there are no additional fees and no extra commissions taken on your bookings.  You can upgrade the account to synchronise with other booking systems if you want to sell via and Expedia etc.

  • SiteMinder – available now
  • Guestline – available now
  • Eviivo – available now
  • GuestCentric – available now
  • High Level Software – available now
  • Hotel Perfect – available now
  • The Booking Button – available now
  • Avvio – available now
  • SuperControl – available now
  • Free2Book – available very soon

If you upgrade the Inn Style account we provide (and pay for with your membership fee), you can connect to, Expedia or Staylists ‘out of the box’, or enjoy two-way integrations with more than 350 of the world’s top booking sites.  Our Channel Manager partner SiteMinder gives you unparalleled control over your distribution, allowing you to decide which channels you push to, and what rooms and rates to give them.

  • EVIIVO (not to be confused with Avvio)
  • Inn Style
  • Little Hotelier
  • Booking Button
  • SiteMinder
  • Hotel Perfect
  • High Level Software
  • Avvio
  • Guestline (RezLynx / RoomLynx)
  • Freetobook
  • Q-Book
  • SuperControl

Please have a chat with the people at Inn Style if you are looking to synchronise booking systems.  You’ll need to pay a subscription (which is subsidised by as a BATB Member).

We will earn a commission from bookings made at the Tourist Information Centre and on the VisitBude website.  However, you must be mindful that most bookings will be made direct, because we actively publish your contact details to allow people to book on your own website or to contact you direct to make a booking and ask any questions.  These bookings are totally commission free, unless you use our Inn Style calendar on your own website.

This means that there is absolutely no need to inflate your prices to cover the commission fees you are paying the main booking sites – we provide a booking platform where the guest can get the best price!

  • Standard Members:  10%
  • Silver Members:  7%
  • Gold Members:  5%

Commission free direct bookings…

You’ll earn the full amount!

You’re in profit with just one booking!

Bookings made via Inn Style on the VisitBude website and via the Bude TIC

You decide!  We’re happy to take deposit payments from the guests and then send the money to you via BACS/Direct Payment.  Alternatively, you may prefer to deal with all the money.

To ensure people know your payment terms before booking, you should add them to the ‘Policy’ section of Inn Style.  This will ensure people know that you require a deposit and when the balance is payable.  You can also customise the emails that are produced when bookings are made to include your payment terms and BACS details etc.

Bookings made direct

We don’t normally get involved with the bookings you take direct.  However, if you don’t have a credit card machine and have a guest who needs to pay by card, we’re happy to take over the booking and process the payment for you.

Many properties do have their own website, but its not essential.  We’ll link to your site if you have one.

If you don’t have website, you’ll need to make sure the information on our site advertising your property is as good as it can be and have lots of photographs.

We can certainly recommend website builders, but even if you invest hundreds of pounds with Google Adwords, you’ll almost certainly never be found on the first few pages of Google for the most common searches like ‘holiday cottage Bude or B&B Bude’.

£150 fee

  • plus £20 per B&B room
  • plus £20 per self-catering unit
  • plus £2 per camping pitch
  • …maximum £200
  • Listing on the VisitBude website
    • five images – landscape in orientation
    • short and long description
    • listing on all applicable accommodation pages
  • Real-time availability and booking system
  • Instant or prior-notice bookings
  • 10% booking commission
  • Promotion of special offers
  • Availability listings displayed out-of-hours on the TIC door
  • Use of WeAreBude member logo
  • Listing in the STAY guide

£350 Fee

  • plus £20 per B&B room
  • plus £20 per self-catering unit
  • plus £2 per camping pitch
  • …maximum £200

All Standard membership scheme benefits, plus

  • We’ll do the hard work for you and create your website listings by taking information from your own website
  • We’ll load prices and availability into your Inn Style account
  • Priority listing in accommodation search results, above Standard members
  • Display up to 12 images (landscape in orientation)
  • 7% Booking Commission
  • Free Cornish Quality inspection
  • Social Media engagement and Facebook feature
  • Promotion in the WeAreBude eNewsletters
  • Access to PR opportunities

£450 fee

  • plus £20 per B&B room
  • plus £20 per self-catering unit
  • plus £2 per camping pitch
  • …maximum £200

All Standard and Silver membership scheme benefits, plus

  • Priority listing in accommodation search results, above Standard and Silver members
  • 5% Booking Commission
  • Use of WeAreBude image set for your own marketing and website
  • Feature blogs on VisitBude
  • Use of Gold member logo
  • Listing in the STAY guide and subsidised rates if you want to place an advert

Your membership fee pays for a listing (size dependant on the membership tier) in the STAY guide.

  • Self-Catering
  • Hotel/B&B/Guest House
  • Camping & Holiday Parks
  • Glamping

We print in batches of 2,000 to 3,000 copies as and when needed throughout the year, so no matter what time of year you become a member, it wont be too long until you are listed in the printed booklet.

Do not underestimate the value of the printed booklet

  • people who book online will request a printed guide first
  • people will take guides home to help them find somewhere to stay for their next visit

We spend a significant amount of our income on producing, printing and distributing the guides – we cant continue to do it unless we have the support of our local businesses.  

People trust us, and the visitor experience is paramount.  This is why we only advertise properties with a quality grading from Cornish Quality.

Have a look at the Cornish Quality page here…

We pride ourselves on our relationship with our members.  Please do call into the TIC for a chat or give us a call so we can discuss all of the options available to you, ensure your property is suitable and to guide you through the very simple process.

If you don’t have a website, bring in some photographs so we can ensure the property is suitable for us to advertise and endorse.

Ready to become a member of Bude Area Tourist Board?

  1. Complete this online form (if you’re a Silver or Gold member and would rather not do this, we’re happy to extract the information from your website)
  2. Create an Inn Style account (no need to enter any payment information or card details – we will pay for the account with your membership fee)
  3. Apply for a FREE Cornish Quality inspection
  4. It wont be long until we reprint the STAY accommodation guides.  You don’t need to do this right now though…

Once you’re all set up, paid your fee and ready to go ‘live’, we’ll check that everything is good and start to advertise your property. 

Be part of the VisitBude community

  • Include #WeAreBude and @VisitBude on your social media posts.  If you’re a silver or gold member, you need to bombard us with information to promote your property on our social media accounts!
  • If you have a website, add your membership and CornishQuality logo.  We link to your website, so we ask you link to ours.

Be part of the VisitBude community

  • Include #WeAreBude and @VisitBude on your social media posts.  If you’re a silver or gold member, you need to bombard us with information to promote your property on our social media accounts!
  • If you have a website, add your membership and CornishQuality logo.  We link to your website, so we ask you link to ours.
  • Tell us straight away if you reduce prices or add a special offer – we wont know unless you tell us!  We can then promote your offers on our Special Offer page.
  • We’ll contact you periodically before we reprint our STAY guides.  This allows you to make changes to your listings (a very minimal fee applies).
  • Give your guests a selection of our printed guides – we produce all sorts and you can have some for free!  We can even make bespoke maps and guide just for your guests.  You can even sponsor our ‘free map’ so every map we give out advertises your property!
  • If you recommend us to other accommodation owners, we’ll pay you a referral fee!
  • Keep your information up-to-date.  We can update your web pages easily, and each time we do, Google will ‘award extra points’ as they certainly favour websites with fresh content.
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