Hire a Beach Hut

The stylish Beach Huts in Bude range in size from small to extra large, with some that are fully accessible and perfect for families and those with limited mobility.  The beach huts are intended for daytime use only and do not have electric or water services.

There is no more classic site on Cornish beaches than rows of these cute, colourful shelters. Pretty, practical and cheaper than you think, they provide shelter and security for your possessions in style. Beach huts aren’t too common in Cornwall, and the Guardian describing these as “hot property” and recommending that visitors “surf the Atlantic rollers at Bude then dry off in a hut on the sandy shores of Summerleaze or Crooklets”. The huts don’t have electricity or water, but they simply ooze old school seaside charm.

Beach Hut prices differ according to the time of year, size and location.

Most huts have a set price regardless of how many people are using it, but some huts are a per person price.  A price guide is shown on each website page, which can be viewed via the tiles at the bottom of the page.

You’ll see the exact price for the dates you require if you use the ‘search and book’ function (which is shown on most pages) or when you click onto the date you require on the availability calendar (which is shown on each individual page).

Special offers are sometimes available when you book online.  These ‘come and go’ so there is no guarantee the special offer price will be available next time you look.

There are a broad range of prices.  Generally, the price increases for large huts, and those in more desirable locations.

Special Offer Tariffs appear periodically and offer great discounts.  Special offers are sometimes available when you book online.  These ‘come and go’ so there is no guarantee the special offer price will be available next time you look.

We rent beach huts on a ‘per night’ basis, and hire period starts from 11.30am and finishes at 7am.  This is to allow you to use the hut in the evening and early morning.  When you have finished with the hut, you simply clean and empty the hut and post the key through the letter box at the Summerleaze Beach Office.  If you return the key late, the next booking will be late too.  We reserve the right to charge a fee under these circumstances.

We have a range of small, medium, large and extra large Beach Huts.

Each beach hut has a maximum occupancy.  This is to ensure the beach hut area does not got get too congested.

  • Please ensure you state the correct number of people when booking the hut.
  • We must ensure there are never too many people (or dogs) in each location which would ruin the experience for other beach hut users.

For singles and couples:  The small beach huts have just enough space to sit inside with two deck chairs.  If you want more space, please opt for a larger hut.

For groups of 3-6:  The medium huts at Crooklets Central, Summerleaze Green and Lower Terrace are most suitable for groups of three to six people.

For groups of 6+:  The medium and large huts at Crooklets Central and Crooklets Promendade are great for up to eight people.  Deluxe hut 24 at Summerleaze Upper Terrace can accommodate ten people and the Extra Large huts are great for groups of 10+.  The large huts at Summerleaze Green and North Crooklets are a great size too.

Beach Huts are located at both Crooklets and Summerleaze Beach.

Hopefully, the aerial images of the beaches (displayed on each Beach Hut page below) are sufficient to show you the exact location of the different hut areas.  If you’re unsure, please look at the Beach Hut Map.

Click here to view the map…

Bude is a very dog friendly place!

Dogs are very welcome at every beach hut area, but please be mindful of seasonal dog-ban/restrictions on the beach.

Please see this page for dates.

Generally, all huts have a folding table, hooks and a rail and some have a bench.  Exact information about each hut will be presented as you proceed to book.

Unfortunately, Beach Huts do not have mains water or electricity.

It’s fine to have a BBQ outside the hut, but please me mindful that you must not block access or cause a nuisance to other beach users.

BBQ’s are not permitted on the wooden decking at Summerleaze.

Dedicated fire-proof bins are provided at Summerleaze and Crooklets Beach for the disposable BBQ’s.

Accessible to those with limited mobility:

For sand-free and level/sloped access from the car park, look at the beach huts at Summerleze Upper Terrace, Summerleaze Green, Crooklets Green, Crooklets North, Crooklets Promenade and Crooklets Central.  There is a short walk over sand to reach the huts at Summerleaze Decking.

Accessible to wheelchair users:

The Extra Large and large beach hut 24 at the Upper Terrace on Summerleaze and the medium huts at Crooklets Central are most suitable for wheelchair users.   The Extra Large huts are at the end of the sand path to Summerleaze Beach.


Seasonal (September to March) and annual tenancies are available.

To see what is available, please click here…

  • Use the ‘search and book’ box which can be found on most pages of our website.  You will see huts with availability matching your search.
  • Navigate to the individual page (via the tiles at the bottom of the page).  There you can view availability, click on the day you would like to book, select the duration of the booking etc.
  • Call the Tourist Information Centre and book over the phone (£3 booking fee)
  • Book online – no booking fee

June to September:  Collect your key from the Summerleaze Beach Office between 11.30am and 12.30pm

The Tourist Information Centre is open 360 days of the year.  You can collect your key from there out of season.

Please remember the Beach Hut key must be collected between 11.30am and 12.30pm.

You must return the key to the Beach Office by 7am on your departure day – just post it through the letter box!

Simply use the ‘search and book’ facility to see what is available in advance.

If you do book in advance, you will still need to make payment now.

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