A visit to Clovelly

Clovelly is a unique village once owned by the Queen of England and from Elizabethan days until today, it has been in private ownership, which has helped preserve its original atmosphere. Clinging to a 400 foot cliff in North Devon, it has no vehicular traffic on its steeply cobbled street, just donkeys and sledges. The man-powered sledges transport all goods to the village, from groceries to furniture. Donkeys used to be the main form of transport for centuries, but now mainly give children rides during the summer or can be seen posing for photographs in the street.

There is much to see and do as well as different events each month such as the “Seaweed Festival” on Sunday 4th June 10am-5pm. As well as Live Music, Demonstrations, Street Entertainments, Stalls Galore and Craft Activities you can also find out more about seaweed at the ‘Know Your Seaweed’ Talks and experience the Shipwreck Survival Workshop.

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