For the price of one night’s stay, you can sleep well for 365 nights a year…

For just £40 you can rest easy in the knowledge that your letting property is safe, legal and properly registered.

Bude has experienced the influx of a national hotel chain (maybe another on the way?), a whole range of new and different places to stay (from family homes to gypsy caravans) and the arrival of new booking platforms like Airbnb.

These platforms allow you to advertise your property and bring a huge amount of visitors to the town (from which we all benefit), but they do not necessarily keep you updated with the rules, regulations and the obligations of acting as a host.

As Bude Area Tourist Board, we have been asked about the legality of these ‘hobbyist’ and informal types of accommodation and its prompted us to think about how best we can help our community as a whole.

We think we have found the answer!

Please see the information page here…

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