Agan Fordh a dro – Morrisons Roundabout

The roundabout at Morrisons is a key entry point in Bude which in it’s current state in uninspiring and says nothing about our vibrant town.

For the past year, Sue Read (local artist and Bude girl) and Jane Adams (retired headteacher and resident for 40 years) who are both passionate about our town have been in discussions with Cornwall Highways to improve this and rename it ‘Agan Fordh a dro’ which in Cornish translates to ‘Our Roundabout’.

Sue and Jane say “ It will give Bude a visually aesthetically pleasing entrance to Bude to be enjoyed by the many visitors that come each year as well as the local community.

We are therefore asking if you would be prepared to make a donation into the pot (any amount appreciated) to help bring it to fruition. The web address is below.

The town council have given us full support and have been very enthusiastic ‘BSTC fully support the art installation at the Morrison’s/Lidl roundabout, and support the artists in their approach to bring the project to fruition’. Cormac have also offered us resources including time to prepare the area and make concrete footings for the sculptures.

We have managed in the last week to secure sponsorship from Bott. Clive Woodward is very enthusiastic about our project and is keen to help with providing the metal and cutting and preparation for the sculptures, but we still need to find funds to pay for the barrier matting, chippings and planting. At 14 metres we estimate these costs to be around £1000.

In recognition of any donations, all parties will be mentioned in any media feedback and through the TIC and we are hoping to create a Wikipedia page where supporters will get further mention. Below is a drawing of how we propose it will look. The sculpture designs will have cut outs reflecting the fact that Bude has one of the highest hours of sunshine in Cornwall, the infamous barrel rock and a nod to the surfing and fishing culture of Bude as it has a unique harbour and the first SLSC club in Great Britain.”

With very grateful thanks, Sue Read and Jane Adams

If you would like to contact Sue and Jane, please email them on

The web link for any donations is

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