Visit the home of the Jack Russell Terrier and War Horse

The Jack Russell is a common sight and the perfect family pet.  They are loved by celebrities such as Mariah Carey and Sarah Jessica Parker and have starred in many Hollywood films.  They were identified as a ‘type’ instead of a breed until the Kennel Club recognised the breed in in 2016.

For such a common breed, few people know that the Parson Jack Russell originates from just over the border in Devon, where the original breeder was born and lived…

John/Jack Russell was born in Dartmouth in 1795 and worked as a churchman in North Devon.  Being from a hunting family, he was in search of a hard-working terrier.

The story tells us that Jack purchased his first fox terrier, called Trump, from a milkman while studying at Oxford around 1815.  Trump was crossed with a Devon hunt terrier to create the Parson Jack Russell breed – also known as a Parson Terrier.

Parson Jack’s home is now the Warhorse Valley Country Park – a fantastic family, accessible and dog-friendly place to visit when you’re staying in Bude.  It’s also the place that inspired Michael Morpugo to write War Horse!

Located under an hour from Bude, you’ll have a great day out.  Admission prices are low too, just £6 for adults, £4 for children and infants are free!

I’ll certainly be visiting again with my two Jack Russell’s (pictured above)…

Click here and plan your visit now…

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