Bude Friends of the Earth Biodiversity Trail

The first parts of the trail were planted in 2015 – with the kind permission of Bude-Stratton Town Council – to show how different planting schemes could help wildlife whilst needing less maintenance than traditional planting.

Start at the Town Council building next to the Parkhouse Centre…
1. Shalder Hill – the dry grassland on the slopes of the hill is a rich habitat for specialist plants and grasshoppers
2. Native Cornfield Wildflowers & Grasses – planted recently to brighten an unlovely corner
3. Herbs – planter containing a mix of culinary and medicinal herbs
4. Community Orchard – 40 apple varieties with hazel trees and strips of native cornfield flowers
5. Wildflower Wall – strip of native cornfield flowers to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators
6. Wildflower Meadow – bank of native wildflowers, cut by scythe in late summer
7. Butterfly & Insect Flowerbed –example of bee-friendly gardening also suitable for around the home

About Bude Friends of the Earth
We are involved in the following:
• Monitoring AIR QUALITY in Bude as part of the Clean Air campaign
• Working to conserve our BEE POPULATIONS by creating and maintaining a biodiversity trail around
the Castle and Neetside
• Supporting Friends of the Earth national campaigns to reduce PLASTIC WASTE, STOP FRACKING, promote RENEWABLE ENERGY and slow down or stop CLIMATE CHANGE

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