Enjoy the Bude Sea Pool

Bude Sea Pool was built in the 1930s to provide a safe environment for swimming for the people of Bude. This semi-natural pool, measuring 91m long by 45m wide, was created under the curve of the cliffs in a conservation area. It provides the unique experience of being in or on the sea, close to the ferocity of the Atlantic Ocean, but sheltered from its extreme effects.

Bude Sea Pool is a focal point for the coastline in Bude and is now used for much more than swimming. If you go down to the Pool today, chances are you’ll see endurance trainers, triathletes, kayakers, surf training and lifesaving, beach hut enthusiasts and sunbathers all making the most of this unique amenity. 

There really is something for everyone at Bude Sea Pool, and the Friends of Bude Sea Pool are constantly improving the facilities on offer and the safety of everyone who visits.

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