Gluten free eating in Bude

We often get nice comments from visitors who call into the Tourist Information Centre for help and advice.  This lady enquired about gluten free eating in Bude…

I’ve had Coeliac’s disease for many years, so for me having a ‘gluten free’ diet isn’t a fashion fad it’s a necessary way of life.  At times, it can make eating out a challenge to say the least.

I cannot count the amount of times I’ve gone out to lunch only to be faced with the choice of a jacket potato or a salad as there is nothing else on the menu I can trust to eat. So many times I would have loved the hot bowl of soup that my lunch companion had, but couldn’t face the disappointment of not being able to eat the accompanying crusty roll or irritated at having to pay for something I cannot eat!

In Bude however, I found loads of places with gluten free options on the menu.  Julia suggested loads of potential restaurants to visit, but as a weekend visitor we only tried a few of them.

The Olive Tree have a great lunchtime menu, and more than one choice of gluten free meals including two types of risotto, frittatas and even goujons for children (who can also suffer from this horrible illness). They also have gluten free, homemade cakes, such as orange and almond cake on the menu every day, which are delicious to say the least and are cooked in a ‘flour free’ environment!

I really enjoyed The Shack which has a couple of tasty gluten free choices. I particularly like the Lemongrass Chicken Sticklers, which came with a sweet chilli dip and crunchy salad and provided a lovely take away evening meal for me one night when I didn’t fancy cooking!

Please do checkout the comprehensive range of restaurants with Gluten Free options in Bude here…

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