The Hotel Inspector visits The Atlantic House Hotel in Bude, Cornwall

Last year The Bude Area Tourist Board were contacted by TwoFour Studios – the production company for Channel 5’s popular series “The Hotel Inspector”.  We were asked to help them to find a suitable hotel to take part in the programme.  So, we invited our member hoteliers to contact TwoFour Studios if they were interested in taking part in the show.

This was perfect timing as several of Bude’s long established hotels have been subject to multi-million pound developments and rebranding over the past few years.  The Summerleaze Beach Hotel, The Hartland Hotel, The Inn on the Green and The Camelot Hotel have all recently received huge financial investment and now each celebrate their own uniquely, identifiable theme and target market.  The Falcon Hotel is the latest to add to this list along with the imminent demolition of the Strand Hotel (to be replaced with a Premier Inn).  With all this change and redevelopment going on it’s easy to understand why some local hoteliers in Bude are a little uncertain how best to market their own properties.

It wasn’t long before we heard that Trevor Rounding who owns The Atlantic House Hotel had fully embraced the opportunity and had been chosen to start working alongside Alex Polizzi!   Although the hotel has enjoyed a good reputation and good occupancy over the years there’s always room for improvement.

There has been much work and change happening over the last few weeks, not least the amazing new flamingo pink frontage transforming the façade of the hotel.  It now stands out proudly and prominently above Summerleaze Beach and can be seen from miles around.

In a few days we will see all results of Alex Polizzi’s renovations and changes.

We simply can’t wait to see the end result! – click here to read about the reveal!

The Atlantic House Hotel has been a member of Bude Area Tourist Board for many years, and the proprietor, Trevor Rounding, was a Director of the Tourist Board for several years.

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