Is Bude getting a Travelodge?

We’ve heard rumours for a while, but now it is confirmed.  Travelodge have put in planning permission to build a 70-room hotel in Bude (to replace the derelict bus depot opposite the Co-op supermarket).

There’s a great deal of debate on various Bude Facebook pages about this – both positive and negative.

There are two recurring points within the comments.  They show huge support for our privately owned and family run Hotels, Guest Houses and B&B’s but also refer to the positive impact of having low-cost accommodation available to visitors.

Not surprisingly, many of the comments duplicate those which were voiced when we learnt that a Premier Inn was to open in Bude.

We’ll have to wait and see if Travelodge get planning permissions to open in Bude and if they offer the bargain prices people may expect!

Earlier today, we compared prices at the Bude Premier Inn and our locally owned Hotel, B&B and Guest Houses.  We found that Premier Inn was never the cheapest place to stay! 

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