Meet the team

Many visitors comment that we are lucky to work in such a lovely place, and that the staff really do make a difference to their time in Bude.  Over the year, we welcome over 400,000 people through the door – that’s over 1,000 people per day!  We try our very best to interact with every visitor, and always have three members of staff on hand between June and September,  two at other times of the year.

Luckily, our general tourist information is free, and readily available for people to take away so not every visitor needs our personal attention.

During the peak season, our working day really is continuous interaction with visitors; either in the office, on the phone, via email or via online chat.  In the winter, we may not have hundreds of people in the office, but there is never a dull moment!  We keep the website updated by adding new events, creating blog posts, producing the printed holiday guides… the list goes on!


Mark has worked for Bude Area Tourist Board for seven years now.  He’s lived in Bude for most of his life, but moved away for a few years when he went to University and then moved to India.

His previous roles include working for the Coast and Countryside department of North Cornwall District Council.

He’s the Manager and a director of Bude Area Tourist Board.


Alison has worked at the Tourist Information Centre for seven eight years now.  She’s a real ‘foodie’, and there are very few restaurants in Bude and the surrounding area she hasn’t been to.  She’s lived in the Bude area for many years, and really will make sure you enjoy your time in Bude, and visit plenty of restaurants!

In a previous life, she worked as a nanny (she looked after a quite famous child too), in retail and has owned holiday accommodation.

Alison is the dedicated account manager for our restaurant and hotel members.  She is also a trained holiday accommodation inspector for our Cornish Quality inspections.


Penny has worked at the Tourist Information Centre for ten  years now.  She’s a local girl (despite moving away for 12 years, she came home to raise her family) and is mother to two children.  She’s the perfect member of staff to talk to about visiting Bude with children.

She loves cake and cream teas, and whatever hints and tips she gives you to make the most of your family holiday in Bude, it will involve stopping for a cream tea or two on the way.

Penny is the dedicated account manager for our attractions and self-catering members with over three properties.


Clare has worked at the Tourist Information Centre for eight years now.  She’s lived in Bude for many years, and is just the person you need for a wide range of help and advice about Bude, especially where to go with your dog.  She won’t give up until she has helped you plan every aspect of your stay in Bude.

Clare is the dedicated account manager for our activities and self-catering members with less than three properties.


Jane has worked at the Tourist Information Centre for six years now.  She’s a true ‘Cornish Maid’, and as far as we know, there hasn’t been a question about Bude she couldn’t answer!  We joke that she knows (or is somehow related to) everyone and their aunt with the slightest link to Bude!

Before working at the Tourist Information Centre, she worked in a bank.  Her early retirement didn’t last long!

She’s always out and about, spending weekends away across Devon and Cornwall.  She’s the person you need for help and advice when you’re visiting other areas.


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