A picnic in Bude with a bottle of wine, fresh local food and a sunny spot or an amazing sunset… what could be a better way to enjoy an afternoon or evening with a picnic and the one you love? Here are a few picnic spot ideas to get you started.

Penny’s Favourite Spot…

There are so many delightful places to choose from its really difficult to single out just one ultimate place to picnic! 

There are so many variables…  what time of year is it?  Whats the weather doing?  What do you want to eat and who is with you?! 

If forced to decide on just one it would have to be a picnic on Maer Downs, on the coastal path between Bude and Northcott Mouth.  It is the most beautiful stretch of the coast with high cliffs, stunning views north to Lundy Island and south to Tintagel and beyond.  It would be a warm, early summer evening when the gorse is coming into bloom and the thrift and birdsfoot trefoil are sprinkling the cliffs with pink and yellow. 

I would take bread, wine, cheese and olives (ideal as you can walk from Bude so noone has to drive!) and pitch camp by the cliff path where you can sit for hours and literally see noone other than seagulls and skylarks!  This is a romantic, ultimate picnic place for two…  But, if the kids and dogs were in tow you simply can not beat fish and chips, eaten hot from the paper on a bench on Summerleaze Downs!

Clare’s Favourite Spot…

As Bude is on the doorstep of miles and miles of South West Coast Path both to the south and north,  there are picnic spots around every corner.  Some sections are busier than others but you will still be spoilt for choice with places to rest with spectacular coastal scenes as far as the eye can see and the sound of the sea as you eat the contents of your lunch box. 

If your ideal picnic is a more elaborate social affair requiring everything but the kitchen sink,  then I would chose Widemouth Bay. 

This long sandy beach is over a mile long, with the right tide there is room to avoid the crowds, spread out your picnic blankets and space for outdoor games. 

There is a large carpark with toilets and good accessibility onto the beach near the Life Guard Hut. In the unlikely event the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can pile back into the car, and eat the contents of your hamper with a sea view. 

You can get to Widemouth Bay by bus from the Strand bus stop in the centre of Bude. The views are great as you’re so much higher than in the car. You’ll be so engrossed looking over the tops of the hedgerows, the 10-minutes journey will fly by. Once there, have a paddle and lighten the load by eating the contents of your picnic basket. You have the option of walking along the SWCP back to Bude, or cross a couple of fields and return via the path that runs along side Bude Canal.  Both these walks form part of Bude Canal and Coast Path Circular Walk – do get a copy, it’s full of interesting facts and history of the canal.

One last suggestion would be to time your picnic to coincide with the sunset, to finish off a perfect day. 

Jane’s Favourite Spot…

My favourite picnic spot is on the downs at Efford, just by Compass Point (overlooking Summerleaze Beach). Sitting here with a picnic reminds me of very happy times with my mum…

We would set up camp and get the picnic ready and then go down to Tommys Pit for a swim.  When we finished swimming, mum would be ready to put the salad and chicken on a plate and we even had tiny salt and pepper pots!

When my nephew was small, we use to play French cricket with an old squash racket which was eventually replaced with a cricket bat and families with children use to stop and join in.

One last suggestion would be to time your picnic to coincide with the sunset, to finish off a perfect day. 

Picnic Spots in Bude

Summerleaze Beach

Very close to Bude town centre, Summerleaze Beach is a lovely spot for lunch. There are plenty of food choices in the town to pick up something delicious for a picnic, if its something hot it will still be warm by the time you get onto the beach. Even when things get a bit busier in high season, there are secluded spots for a quiet picnic for two. Take a picnic blanket and sit on the beach, or if you want some comfort hire a beach hut we’ve got plenty to choose from, some come with comfortable chairs and cozy blankets to keep you warm when the sun goes down.

Where the earth moves

Fancy a spot where the earth literally moves? Join the South West Coast Path on Maer Down just above Crooklets Beach towards where a dramatic landslip has created and area known as ‘Earthquake’. Find a spot on the grass (not too close to the edge) for a picnic with the most incredible seascape spreading out below you.  If you want a longer walk it will take about 2o minutes to walk to Northcott Mouth beach with incredible bird’s eye views of the beaches below, there are plenty of places to stop, rest or sit on route.

Bude Canal

This is when you can show off your excellent rowing skills or maybe you prefer a pedelo?  Either way it will be fun travelling down a mile stretch of  Bude Canal, just don’t rock the boat too much or you might fall in and end up swimming with ducks.  The more oar strokes you put between yourselves and the Lower Wharf, the more peaceful the canal gets. Find a shady spot to bring the boat to rest and you have the perfect picnic.  NB – Bude Rowing Boats are not yet open as of 12/05/2020

Widemouth Bay, Northern Headland

Fancy lunch with a stunning view? For footloose couples, some exercise is well rewarded in this stunning location. The sheer rugged beauty of the coast here could turn a simple picnic into an epic romance!

Bude Marshes

Are a delightful spot to enjoy a slightly decadent lunch. The long, lush grasses here are perfect for a little seclusion. That said, you might have some extra company with all the wildlife in the area, whether that means the local herons or even an otter.  An easily reached spot too; just follow the canal towpath south until you hit Truscott’s Bridge and make your way inland.

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