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Bude Baggers make Morsbags and welcomes anyone in the Bude area who'd like to cut, iron, sew, collect fabric, hand out bags, make cake/tea/coffee, do publicity or anything else supportive and useful!

Bude Marine Group

Bude Marine Group works to to extend the knowledge of marine life in the Bude area. To understand the marine environment and the influences on it, so that we can protect and enhance it for the benefit of all.

BRAG Bude Rubbish Action Group

The aim... If we can pick up the 'forgotten litter' in alleyways, scrublands, pathways etc in Bude and surrounding villages then we will get to it before it makes its way to the sea! Not only that, I want us to take pride in our surroundings.  Everyone’s welcome, we can meet a couple of times a month at problem areas and hopefully make new friends and look after our environment at the same time.

The Happy Turtle Company

Here at The Happy Turtle Co in Bude Cornwall we like to do things a little differently… Not only do we have a Turtally Awesome range of reusable environmentally friendly products for your café, office or school but we also believe in making a lasting difference which is why we donate 100% of our profits to organisations, charities and initiatives that we are sure can make the world a better place.

2 Minute Beach Clean

The 2 Minute Beach Clean is an idea that couldn't be any simpler. It's about taking 2 minutes to pick up litter at the beach. That's basically it. But it's also about more than just that. It's about social responsibility, taking care of your patch and seeing to it that you keep it clean. Our beaches belong to all of us so it's all our responsibility to do all we can to keep them beautiful. Take just 2 minutes - it will make a difference.

Refill Bude

Refill Bude is a community initiative to encouraging Bude to reuse, refill and help keep Bude litter and plastic free. I have been cleaning Crooklets for 8 years as part of Beachcare, running a beach clean group and leading a clean every month. As an avid beach cleaner I was fed up picking up lots of single use, often non-recycled plastic water bottles containing water that had come hundreds of miles from its source, had been sitting in plastic for ages, and costing a ridiculous amount of money…for the water inside it, for the bottle costs, for the transportation costs, for the storage costs in warehouses….

Bude Cleaner Seas Project

The community project that cleans up pollution in our seas. Bude Cleaner Seas Project is working together with the local community to give Bude the cleanest water quality and the cleanest beaches in Cornwall.

A Greener Bude: About Us

A Greener Bude is an Environmental Group headed by Deb Rosser acting as the umbrella group for all things green and environmental in Bude.  A collective of individuals, organisations and groups who are working together to launch a bid to make Bude the greenest town in the UK.

Reducing plastic waste in Bude

We are committed to sustainable tourism in our local community and are now charging 5p for a plastic bag at the Bude Tourist Information Centre. All profits will be given to Friends of Bude Sea Pool and Bude Cleaner Seas. Once the current stock of plastic bags has been used, we will stop using any form of plastic bag. Weve also stopped using plastic envelopes to post our Bude Guide booklets.

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