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Kayaking at Tamar Lakes

You can learn the skills to paddle your own kayak. The Tamar Lakes are a safe way to get to grips with this ever popular sport.


Bude Canoe Experience

A Bude Canoe Experience is great fun for everyone, paddling open canoes on the gorgeous Bude Canal. You will learn the basics of canoe paddling and head off on a canoe journey to explore, see wildlife, and practice a variety of canoeing skills. The Bude Canal has a terrific amount of wildlife and interesting history. You will see the countryside from a new and exciting perspective. Common sights include jumping fish, Heron, Kingfisher, Moorhen, Cormorant, Warblers, Ducks, Geese, Dragon fly, and if you are really lucky maybe an Otter, Water Vole or Snake!

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