To apply for a Cornish Quality inspection for a self-catering property, please complete the online form below.

There are many aspects to the inspection, but they are not unreasonable.  VisitBude is a badge of quality in its own right and therefore we must maintain the brand excellence for the benefit of our members (who deliver the VisitBude promise) and for our visitors (who expect the VisitBude promise).  The aim of the Cornish Quality Inspection is to ensure the properties we promote are of a high standard and are operated legally and safely.  Your responsibilities under law can be found in the HM Government ‘Do You Have Paying Guests’ leaflet available online, or if you prefer, a paper copy can be collected from the TIC Office.

We have an obligation to our Accommodation Providers to offer advice on any issues that they may have regarding letting their accommodation. If you are a potential new member and need any help regarding the suitability of your property, we are happy to visit the property for a one hour pre-inspection priced at £40. We can be contacted at any time during office hours either by phone, email or in person by visiting the Tourist Information Centre.

This year to avoid implementing a price increase for the Cornish Quality inspection (which has not been raised for 5 years), we have decided to reduce the property site visit to once every two years. This will mean if we visited you in 2018 your next inspection will be due in February/March 2020. Exceptions to the biennial visit may become necessary if we receive any adverse reports or complaints, we would then request an interim visit at your convenience. You will still need to submit your details annually by providing the necessary documentation, either in paper form or by email. These include your valid Public Liability Insurance policy, Fire Risk Assessment, Gas Safety Certificate (if applicable). Your membership can only be validated on receipt of these documents.

Property Details

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Owner Details

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Membership type

StandardSilver - inspection is included in membership*Gold - inspection is included in membership*

Note: *If the property fails the inspection, the standard fee would be payable for the follow-up visit

Scheme fee

Free for silver and gold members

1 unit - £702 units - £903 units - £904 units - £1105 units - £1106 units - £1107 units - £1358 units - £1359 units - £13510 units - £15510+ units - £155 + £7.50 per additional unit*

Public Liability Insurance

All members of Bude Area Tourist Board must have a valid insurance policy which provides Public Liability cover. If you have the documents to hand, please provide your policy number, expiry date and insurance company name.

Note: Please now email or post a copy of your insurance certificate and policy wording schedule to us. We can't begin the inspection process without these documents

Insurance renewal

Tick this box to offer a guarantee that you will renew your insurance if the policy outlined above is due to expire within the duration of your accommodation membership

Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998

If the property has a gas connection, a valid Gas Safety Certificate is required. If you have these documents to hand, please provide your certificate number, expiry date and name of the issuer. Enter N/A if there is no gas connection to your property.

Note: Please now email or post a copy of your certificate to us. We can't begin the inspection process without this documents.

Gas safety renewal

Tick this box to offer a guarantee that you will renew your gas safety certificate if the document outlined above is due to expire within the duration of your accommodation membershipNo gas supply at property

Audible carbon monoxide detectors

N/A - no gas at propertyTick this box to guarantee that you will undertake and record regular carbon monoxide testing

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Tick this box to guarantee that you conform to the above Order and have a valid Fire Risk AssessmentTick this box to guarantee that you will undertake and record regular carbon monoxide testingTick this box to confirm you have adequate Muster Point instructionsTick this box to confirm you have emergency lighting or a supply or torchesTick this box to confirm you have a fire blanket/extinguisher with valid expiry dateTick this box to confirm all furniture and furnishings meet the Furniture & Furnishing (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended)

Note: A copy of your Fire Risk Assessment must be sent or posted to us. We can't begin the inspection process without this documents.


Tick this box to confirm all cleaning materials and chemicals are suitably stored, correctly labelled and out of the reach of children

Digital & Printed Advertising

I confirm that all digital and printed media offers a true reflection of the property and provides fair coverage of all areas

General Expectations & Requirements

Property Interior

We would expect the property to presented to a high standard of cleanliness and be in good decorative order in all areas.
Adequate lighting in all rooms – general and ambient – bulbs checked regularly.
Suitable wall and floor coverings/rugs to be non-slip.
Curtains and blinds to fit.
Heating available at all times.
Hot water available at all times.
Storage space for guests exclusive use.
No personal effects accessible to guests.
Smoke detectors (at least one on every floor) and carbon monoxide monitors (if open fires/gas fires in property) to be fitted and checked regularly.
Windows safety locks upstairs (if children accepted).
Torches (at least one on each floor) or emergency lighting in event of power cut.
Provide easy to follow instructions for appliances as not all guests are technology experts.
Provide folder with emergency contact details.

Kitchen/Dining Areas

All surfaces to be clean and clutter free.
Adequate table space and chairs for full occupancy.
No food items to be left in cupboards.
Chemicals (including dishwasher tablets, detergents & cleaners) to be stored out of reach of children. If in floor cupboards child safety locks to be fitted.
Cooker, oven, grill and hob to be clean and grease free.
Microwave, clean & rust free.
Fridge with ice making compartment or fridge/freezer.
Matching china and cutlery preferred.
Bread board, chopping boards, tea towels, oven gloves, washing up cloth, sponge and scourer.
Vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, dustpan and hand brush. We find guests very often like to clean and tidy even when they are holiday.
First Aid Kit, check for used items and replace if opened.
Fire extinguisher or fire blanket in prominent position. To be in good order and within expiry date.

Sitting/Reception Rooms

Comfortable seating, adequate for full occupancy.
Open fires/woodburners/multi fuel stoves to have safety fire guards provided and
Carbon Monoxide monitor to be fitted.
TV with remote control.
If sofa bed suitable bedding to be supplied and neatly stored.
Non-flammable bin.


All bedding to be clean and in good condition, mattress, protectors, toppers & pillows regularly checked.
Poly cotton or cotton sheets and duvet covers. Two pillows minimum per person.
Wardrobe/Hanging rail
Adequate hangers per person prefer matching.
Adequate drawer space.
Non-flammable bin.
Bedside lamp and table/shelf.
Dressing table with mirror or shelf

Bathroom/Shower room/Ensuite

Bath and Hand towels.
Lidded non flammable bin.
Non-slip bath mats to be supplied if smooth bath/shower base.
Mirror close to wash basin.
Hot water available at all times.
Lock on door.
Coat hook or off-floor storage.
Clean toilet brush to be checked and replaced regularly.
Extraction fan clean and dust free.

Hallway / Stairs

Bannisters & Hand rails of suitable height.
Coat hanging hooks, shoe storage.

Gardens/Drives/Patios and Terraces

Good condition and good standard of cleanliness in all outside areas
Refuse bins to be discreetly placed
Adequate lighting – recommend motion activated
Gardens well maintained (if applicable)
Garden furniture in good/safe condition (if applicable)

I confirm that my property/properties meet all the standards as outlined above

Inspection date

We will liaise prior to the visit with a time slot

I can leave a key for the inspector, so no set date is requiredWeekday AMWeekday PMWeekend AMWeekend PM

Thank you!

Inspection Day!

The inspection is very important. We need to know that the properties we are promoting meet or exceed our quality expectations. There's nothing to worry about though, all we expect is that your property is safe, clean and legal and that the product you are selling is an honest and true reflection of the of the property. Therefore, when we visit the property, it must be presented 'as if a paying visitor was about to arrive. If you can arrange safe access for us to visit, you do not need to be at the property when the inspection takes place. Should you fail the inspection, we are here to to work with you, not against you.

I confirm that the property will be presented 'as if a paying visitor was arriving'
You will receive a confirmation email once you submit this form. We will then arrange for an inspector to visit the property at a mutually convenient time.

Please now click the send button to submit your details

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