Standard Cornish Quality Inspection

The Standard CQ award has been introduced to embrace market trends and to give Bude’s visitors confidence that as a host, you have made every effort possible to ensure your property is operated legally and safely.

Cornish Quality Gold Inspection

The aim of the Cornish Quality Gold award is to ensure the properties we promote are of a high standard, are operated legally and safely and the owners excel in all areas to improve the visitor experience.

Have you seen our information page outlining the rules and regulations applicable to you as a host/accommodation provider?  Click here…

Can we help?

We’re here to give information (unfortunately we can’t call it help or advice) about the legal responsibilities and many other issues you may face when letting your accommodation to visitors.  We’re as proud of Bude as you are – so lets work together to ensure our visitor accommodation is safe!

Have you seen our information page outlining the rules and regulations applicable to you as a host/accommodation provider?  Click here…

Full information about the CQ scheme can be found below.

BATB/BUDE TIC MEMBERS:  The aim of the Cornish Quality inspection is to ensure that the properties we promote meet a certain level of quality and are operated legally and safely.  We help you to be certain that you are compliant with the law and your guests will be confident that you have done everything possible to ensure their safety.

ALL OTHER HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION IN BUDE:  The aim of the Cornish Quality inspection is to ensure all properties in Bude are operated legally and safely.

As an accommodation owner, your responsibilities under law are quite complex.  We provide lots of information here…

  • The Standard CQ scheme is a result of our aim to issue an award to all holiday accommodation in the Bude.  It covers just two areas:  safety and legality.
  • The CQ Gold award is comprehensive and covers three main areas:  safety, legality and quality.
  • Your award is valid for 12 months.
  • You’ll need to complete a fairly simple application form each year.
  • Gold Awards:  We’ll make an appointment to visit your property as soon possible.
  • Gold Awards:  We’ll visit your property each year (by appointment) and occasionally every two years.

Standard CQ:

Bude Area Tourist Board / Bude TIC Members:  FREE
Non-members:  £20.  Additional units are charged at just £10, but they must be within one mile of the main property.

CQ Gold:

1 unit – £70
2 units – £90
3 units – £90
4 units – £110
5 units – £110
6 units – £110
7 units – £135
8 units – £135
9 units – £135
10 units – £155
10+ units – £155 + £7.50 per additional unit*

Standard CQ:

Bude Area Tourist Board / Bude TIC Members:  FREE
Non-members:  £20.  Additional units are charged at just £10, but they must be within one mile of the main property.

CQ Gold:

1 room – £70
2 rooms – £70
3 rooms – £70
4 rooms – £90
5 rooms – £90
6 rooms – £90
7 rooms – £135
8 rooms – £135
9 rooms – £135
10 rooms – £155
10+ units – £155 + £7.50 per unit*

Just 38% of all staying visitors in Cornwall said star ratings were ‘important’ to them when choosing their accommodation.  Only 7% considered them ‘essential’ and 27% considered them ‘nice to have’.  28% did not consider them relevant at all.

Based on this research, and our knowledge of the tourism sector long before, we do not see the value of a star rating with associated costs of several hundred pounds (plus a joining fee).

  • Our Standard CQ award gives your guests confidence that your property is safe and legal.
  • Our CQ Gold award also confirms the quality of your property matches the product you are advertising.

If you’re applying for a GOLD award, we’ll make an appointment to visit your property.  You don’t need to be there, but if you’re new to the legal responsibilities of accepting a paying guest we would prefer that you are.  It’s also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions and for us to suggest a change or two.  We’ve worked with hundreds of property owners and we are happy to offer advice and guidance.

We understand that if you have a hotel or guest house, it may be difficult to arrange a visit when you have no guests.  Because of this, we are happy to view a selection of rooms if we can’t access them all.  If you have a self-catering property, we’re happy to visit before your new guests arrive on changeover day.

We will have received your application, reviewed your paperwork and checked your advertising and online presence before the appointment is made.

During the visit, we will check that your property:

  • Matches your advertisements (is a ‘true and accurate representation of the product’).
  • That every effort has been made to ensure the property is safe and legal.
  • Is of a standard for us to recommend our visitors to stay
  • We’re not going to be fussy or make unreasonable demands.  We will be entering your property with ‘fresh eyes’ and could notice things you haven’t.  We may make suggestions, but they will never be unreasonable.  We will only enforce those suggestions if they are significant to the quality, safe and legal aspects.

It’s important to know that we do not expect you to offer the best of everything.  Bude’s tourism is based on a broad range of accommodation types.  This variety ensures we can accommodate a broad range of people!

As an example… If you’re selling a ‘top-end’ product, you will need the best of everything.  If you’re selling budget accommodation, we will certainly not expect to find luxurious bedding – but you do need to ensure your bedding is clean and in great condition.  You don’t need a brand-new kitchen – but you do need to ensure it is well maintained, clean and tidy.

How long will it take?

The site visit is only one element of the inspection.  Therefore, our visit rarely lasts longer than 35 minutes.

How frequent?

  • We will visit new member properties as soon as is convenient.
  • We will revisit the property each year.
  • If you’ve had a series of successful inspections, we may switch to biennial visits.


You’re very welcome to book a pre-inspection.  However, we know what we are doing.  We start in depth research when we receive your application.  If we notice an area of concern, or potential issue, we will always suggest we carry out a pre-inspection.

  • A digital logo (in various sizes) will be provided for free.  It’s for you to use on your website, marketing material and to print a couple of copies to display at the property.
  • We have a range of very attractive external signs in various sizes (new designs for 2021).  The cost is determined by the production costs – they don’t feature as an income stream for us.  We can even arrange for them to be installed to the front of your property by our handyman.

The sign and logo will always belong to Bude Area Tourist Board, but you are licensed to use and display them for the duration of your participation in the scheme. 

All tourism businesses have obligations under The Equality Act 2010. Tourism providers should treat everyone accessing their goods, facilities or services fairly, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, gender reassignment, religion or belief, and guard against making assumptions about the characteristics of individuals.

The Equality Act 2010 requires that service providers must think ahead and take steps to address barriers that impede disabled people. Providers should not wait until a disabled person experiences difficulties using a service, as this may make it too late to make the necessary adjustment.

Make ‘reasonable’ changes to the way things are done – such as changing practices, policies or procedures where disabled people would be at a ‘substantial disadvantage’ e.g. amend a ‘no dogs’ policy.

Make ‘reasonable’ changes to the built environment – such as making changes to the structure of a building to improve access e.g. altering or removing a physical feature.

Provide auxiliary aids and services – such as providing information in an accessible format, an induction loop for customers with hearing aids.

A service provider cannot legally justify failing to provide a reasonable adjustment. The only question is whether the adjustment is a ‘reasonable’ one to make. What is ‘reasonable’ will depend on a number of circumstances, including the cost of an adjustment, potential benefit it may bring to other customers, the resources an organisation has and how practical the changes are.

It is important to provide information on the accessibility of your facilities and services. This can be achieved by producing an Accessibility Guide, which is a requirement for all scheme participants.

Fire Risk Assessment

You must comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.  Businesses must supply the assessor with evidence that an annual Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out.  Operate safely with due regard to health and safety legislation and with evidence of consideration for the safety of guests and the security of guests’ property. Supply clear information on how to contact the proprietor/manager in case of emergency.

Fire Detection System

You must have an appropriate automatic interconnected fire detection system in place

Health & Safety Risk Assessment

A written health and safety risk assessment is required for businesses with more than five employees.

All local planning and licensing regulations

All aspects should be adhered to.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

All aspects should be adhered to.

Equality Act 2010

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, describing the facilities and services provided accurately in any advertisement, brochure or other printed or electronic media.

Food Safety Legislation

Hosts offering food should register with the Food Hygiene department at Cornwall Council.  All food safety legislation, and if food or drink is provided, ensure information on allergens is available to all guests.

Immigration (Hotel Records) Order 1972

Hosts must keep a register of the names and nationalities of all guests, as well as the passport number of all overseas guests

Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1998

Hostss must supply the assessor with evidence that all gas appliances have been checked annually by a Gas Safe registered installer

Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended)

All aspects should be adhered to.  Applicable to self-catering properties only.

Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 (as amended)

Businesses must supply the assessor with evidence of the site licence.  Applicable to campsites only.

Public Liability Insurance

While not a statutory requirement, providing Public Liability Insurance is a requirement for obtaining Standard Cornish Quality Accreditation.
Businesses must supply the assessor with evidence of the insurance.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fit carbon monoxide alarms where gas, oil, coal or wood are burned. One alarm should be fitted in each room, tent or van where these appliances or fires are situated. While not a statutory requirement, this is a requirement for obtaining Standard Cornish Quality Accreditation.

Accessibility Guide

Complete and make available to guests an Accessibility Guide. While not a statutory requirement, it is strongly recommended that all businesses with Standard Cornish Quality Accreditation have one.

Clean & Safe

Provide guests with clean, hygienic, safe and well-maintained accommodation at all times.

Welcome to All

Welcome all guests courteously and without discrimination in relation to gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion or belief.

Prices & Booking

Make clear to visitors exactly what is included in all prices quoted for accommodation, including taxes and any surcharges. Details of charges for additional services and facilities should also be made clear.  Adhere to and do not exceed prices quoted at the time of booking for accommodation and other services. Communicate clearly to guests the cancellation policy at the time of booking.  Give each visitor details of payments due and a receipt, if required.

Access & Compliance

Allow any Bude Area Tourist Board representative access to the accommodation to confirm that these requirements are being met.

To apply for a Standard CQ award

Complete the online form below.

To apply for a CQ Gold award

In the first instance, please complete the online form below.

    Business Details

    Your Full Name

    Business Name

    Your Email


    Business Sector

    HotelB&BGuest HouseSelf CateringCamping/TouringHoliday Park

    Legal Requirements for all businesses

    General - GDPR data protection complied with

    General - Public Liability Insurance in place

    General - Accessibility Guide in place

    General - Emergency Contact Details & Keyholders information available (as appropriate)

    Fire - Have an appropriate automatic interconnected fire detection system in place

    YES, I hereby digitally signNO - My Fire Risk Assessment identifies that an interconnected system is not needed, so I have a system which is appropriate to the building

    Fire - Completed a fire risk assessment

    Safety - Gas safety certificate within last year for appliances / pipework

    YES, I hereby digitally signNO, I do not have Gas at the premises

    Safety - CO detector in place if gas, oil or solid fuel heating

    YES, I hereby digitally signNO, I do not have gas, oil or solid fuel heating

    Safety - Provide a safe environment for guests and comply with current regulations

    Misc - Compliant with Unfair Trading Regulations - Consumer Protection

    Misc - TV Licensing (where applicable)

    YES, I hereby digitally signNO, I do not require any form of TV license

    Other Requirements for businesses during the COVID pandemic

    COVID - Government guidelines are followed in reference to protective clothing for cleaners and housekeepers

    COVID - An antiviral solution (EN14675 or EN14476) is used on all surfaces and touchpoints

    COVID - Soft furnishings are 'fogged', steamed or quarantined between guest departure and arrival

    Other Requirements for businesses - relevant if you offer or provide these services

    General - Register of Guests and overseas guests information (for serviced accommodation - Hotel/B&B/Guest House)

    YES, I hereby digitally signNO, does not apply to my business

    Licensing - Compliance with Caravan Site license conditions (for caravan holiday or camping sites)

    YES, I hereby digitally signNO, does not apply to my business

    Food Safety - Registered as a food business with Cornwall Council. If scored must have a minimum of 3 star rating. (for businesses serving or providing food)

    YES, I hereby digitally signNO, does not apply to my business

    Customer Satisfaction

    Complaints - To have a Complaints Policy that can be implemented speedily and effectively; to ensure that any issues that may arise are resolved by prompt, professional and polite action

    Quality & Standards - To ensure you maintain good standards of appropriate facilities, services and cleanliness

    Accuracy - To ensure all information provided for visitors is up to date, accurate, provided at the right time and by appropriate methods

    Discrimination - To provide a welcoming and caring service to all visitors that does not discriminate

    Sustainability - To manage your business in a way that supports the natural environment; to minimise carbon footprint; to actively source/use local produce, where reasonable.

    Supporting Documents

    If your files are too large or not avaialble right now, you are welcome to email them to [email protected]

    If available, please upload a copy of your Public Liability Insurance

    If available, please upload a copy of your Access Statement / Accessibility Guide

    If available, please upload a copy of your Fire Risk Assessment

    If applicable/available, please upload a copy of your Gas Safety Certificate


    When COVID restrictions allow, would you be interested in upgrading for a Cornish Quality GOLD award?


    Please note that Bude Area Tourist Board Ltd. reserves the right to refuse applications and its decision is final with no further communication being entered into.

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