Rock Climbing with Shoreline Extreme Sports

Bude lies at the heart of Cornwall and Devon’s adventurous Culm Coast and is just a short drive away from the jagged granite crags of Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor.

The Culm Coast, which stretches along the cliffs of North Cornwall and Devon provides an array of amazingly folded and buckled cliffs. With the erosion of the sea these cliffs have been left with only the hardest rock layers protruding out into the ocean creating steep, narrow headlands and free standing fins. Climbing these cliffs requires fine movements, good balance and confident footwork. Holds can be small but as the rock faces are hardly ever vertical much of a climbers weight is taken on their legs. The climbing locations along this coast are beautiful and dramatic with levels of difficulty to cater from complete beginners right through to expert climbers.

Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor offer a contrasting style of climbing to that of the coast. With their rugged granite outcrops and tors the climbing here is steep, solid and sharp. Creating good safe locations for those wishing to progress towards independent climbing with many short routes that can be well protected.

Shoreline uses the cliffs at Bude to teach introductory climbing and abseiling sessions. We also use our local cliffs to coach those who already have some climbing experience (perhaps some indoor climbing) and run more adventurous guided climbing days for those who want to get the full Culm Coast climbing experience! We teach the full range of climbing and belaying skills including lead climbing techniques for which we tend to travel across to the granite crags of Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor where the routes are ideal for learning to place protection and set up belays and anchors.

Crooklets Beach
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