using our shop is easy peasy!

For dried food, refillable toiletries and household cleaning products…

Bring your own containers – don’t worry we will have spares if you feel an impromptu lentil order is necessary.

  1. TARE (weigh) your containers. You write the weight on container so we know how much to take off at the till.
  2. FILL YOUR BOOTS! You decide on what fabulous bounty you want to buy and FILL your containers – the FUN part.
  3. WEIGH (AGAIN). Take your booty to the till. We weigh your products again.
  4. PAY. We subtract the original weight and you PAY the difference.

For everything else…

We’re just like a normal shop except our products won’t be wrapped in plastic and we don’t supply plastic bags!

What can I use as a container ?

Don’t buy new if you don’t need to – you’ll definitely have something suitable at home already. As long as it s clean and can be closed it will work: cereal boxes, sauce jars, takeaway boxes, the Tupperware you inherited from Auntie Joan or last Christmas’ Celebrations tin. The more plastic the better – it means that the plastics from home are being reused and not ending up in our oceans or our food chain.

However, if you do want Insta-influencer level 5 beautiful cupboards, we stock glass and aluminium jars for you to buy and refill, and compostable, reusable, recyclable brown bags – so much choice!

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We are fortunate to live in Bude as it leads the way in so many ‘green’ initiatives, but after visiting refill shops elsewhere in the country, we began thinking how good it would be to have something similar in our town.

We realised that, often, reducing packaging meant buying ‘premium’ products which made it unaffordable for many so we decided to take the bull by the horns and open a shop that met these needs ourselves! Many months of hard work later our group of eight; Deb, Genevieve, Jackie, Jodie, Karen, Lou, Rachel and Sue began to see our efforts bear fruit. We are all volunteers who live locally (either in Bude or one of the surrounding villages) and share both a passion for protecting the environment and desire to bring zero waste shopping to our town.

We wanted to make this a truly local project and quickly decided to operate as a social enterprise* so we formed a community interest company which will give 100% of its profits back to local community groups. The shop will initially be staffed by volunteers but we hope that once the business is established we will be able to offer work to local people and have committed to offer the national living wage.

Our main aim is to enable people to shop locally in a way that helps them reduce single use plastics but another important aspect of this type of shopping is that it enables you to buy only what you need. For older people, those on limited incomes or people living alone this is a major benefit as often supermarket shopping promotes buying in larger quantities for ‘better value’.

We’re so excited that our dream is finally becoming a reality and we really look forward to seeing you soon….

*Want to know more about social enterprises? Click here to find out more.

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