Crackington Haven Circular Walk

Distance: Approx. 4 miles.
Time: Allow 2 hours.
It is recommended that you wear stout shoes or walking boots for this walk, as some parts can be steep and muddy.

This walk commences from Crackington Haven’s car park.

Facing the sea, follow the road to your left, up the hill.

The first way-marked post is on the right by a drive immediately after the turning for Trevigue.  At the end of this drive, pass through a gate and continue along a narrow path bordered by riverside meadows into East Wood.

Cross a footbridge over a small stream.  When you reach a sign post, turn right, down towards Sheepdip.  Folow the shady path to another footbridge, then turn left and poceed gently uphill.  The part can be muddy in some sections.

At a junction in the path, follow the sign ahead to Sheepdip.

A little further on is another sign post.  (Here a short cut may be taken, leading up to Trevigue Farm.  This then joins the coastpath above the Strangles.  Alternatively, you can walk back to Crackington along the lane.)  Otherwise, follow the path marked Pengold.

Shortly bear left, cross a stile and then a small rivulet.  Head right, uphill through the copse to a field.  Now walk straight uphill aiming for the wide gap in the hedge and then continue towards the telegraph poles.  Here, cross a stile on you left and walk towards Pengold Farm.  In the far right corner of this field go through a gate, then immediately left through another.  Head towards the way-marked post on the skyline, then bear left to a gap in a fence by the far end of the farm buildings.  Go through the next small gate, descend to the wooded valley and cross the stile and footbridge.

Bear diagonally right across the next field to a stile aby a farm gate.  Cross the lane and take the stile immediately to your right, marked To The Coastpath.

Proceed diagonally right to the edge of this field, cross the stile and turn right onto the coastpath marked Crackington 1.6 miles.

At the next way-mark, keep ahead then branch left to the post on the skyline.

From this point, be sure to keep to the coastpath as the cliff edges are crumbling and dangerous.

Continue along the undulating path towards Crackington.  On your left you will pass The Strangles with its sweeping beach; Samphire Rick; the natural arch known as Northern Door and the dramatic headland of Cambeak with its fascinating geological formations.

With the hump of Cambeak to your left, take the first footpath down to the valley, bordered by marshy patches.

Contine along the coastpath through pastures, over stiles and footbridges, past the boulder strewn Tremoutha Haven and back into the village of Crackington Haven.

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