Geocaching in North Cornwall

For the uninitiated, Geocaching is rather like a digital treasure hunt. Employing smart phone technology, it’s great for getting techy types out of the living room exploring the outdoors as they follow clues to find little caches containing surprises.

Older heads might like to think of it as letterboxing for the twenty-first century. It’s certainly a good way to get youngsters to engage with the living world. It involves some detective work as well as exercise, while the caches themselves arevaried. Some contain special log books to sign; others have small keepsakes to be swapped with a small item of your own.

This is not only a fun, growing idea, but one of the best free activities for kids in Cornwall. More geocaches are springing up all the time, but for several secret Bude locations and a free downloadable app to get you started, try

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