Promote your business with VisitBude

Being a member of VisitBude (the Bude Area Tourist Board and Bude Tourist Information Centre) offers numerous benefits for businesses in the tourism industry.

Membership provides access to a network of fellow tourism professionals, including accommodation providers, attractions, restaurants, activity operators, and more.  Networking opportunities allow members to build relationships, exchange ideas, and collaborate on initiatives that benefit the local tourism industry.

We engage in marketing and promotional activities to attract visitors to the destination. As a member, businesses can benefit from inclusion in promotional materials, advertising campaigns and be listed on the new VisitBude website.  This increases your credibility, visibility and exposure to potential visitors.

Members of VisitBude gain access to valuable industry insights, research data, and resources that can help them better understand market trends, visitor preferences, and opportunities for growth.  This information enables business owners to make informed decisions and tailor their offerings to meet the needs of visitors.

We offer training programs, workshops, and educational resources to support the professional development of our members.  These opportunities may cover topics such as customer service, marketing strategies, sustainability practices, and more, helping businesses enhance their skills and capabilities.

We serve as a voice for the local tourism industry, advocating for policies, initiatives, and infrastructure improvements that benefit its members.  By supportng us, businesses can contribute to shaping the future of tourism in the Bude area and ensure their interests are represented.

During times of crisis or challenges, such as the experience of COVID, we provide support, guidance, and resources to our members.  This assistance may include access to funding, management strategies, and communication support to navigate difficult situations.