Trebarwith Nature Reserve

The Trebarwith Nature Reserve has a rich diversity of wildflowers and a thriving stream community in its unimproved meadowland, which lies in a steeply sloping coastal valley.

Habitat type: Meadow and coastal valley
Size of reserve: 1.3 hectares / 3 acres
OS map number: 111
Grid reference: SX 062 865 (from public footpath)
Best time to visit: Summer

Via a public footpath off the road leading to Treknow from the B3262 at Trewarmett, 2 miles (3.3 km) south of Tintagel.

There is no parking available close to the reserve. A footpath crosses the site, but this can be wet and muddy and has some steep inclines.

Characteristic wildlife of this reserve
Brown trout are resident in the stream, a sure sign that the water is clean and well oxygenated, providing good conditions for the fish to live. Trout can weigh from as little as 10 g to an enormous 10 kg, although it is unlikely to find one of this size here. The fish feed on small aquatic invertebrates and on flies unfortunate enough to land on the water’s surface.
The germander speedwell, sometimes known by its Latin name Veronica, is a pretty little flower. It is usually sky blue and blooms from April until mid-summer. Where it grows in large numbers, it makes a stunning display. Look closely and you will see the stem has two lines of long hairs on opposite sides. The name speedwell is thought to refer to the medicinal value of the plant.

Other information
This area was first used as agricultural land in the post-medieval period and it is likely that the path that runs through the reserve dates from this time, perhaps as a churchway linking farmsteads to the parish church.

Read more on the Cornwall Wildlife Trust website

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