Upton Meadow

The reserve is on the side of a steep valley above a small stream, alongside which a small woodland grows.

Habitat type: Meadow with woodland
Size of reserve: 1 hectare / 2.5 acres
OS map number: 111
Grid reference: SS 206 042
Best time to visit: All year

1 mile (1.6 km) south of Bude, on the road to Widemouth, take the lane next to Elements hotel. Continue along the footpath to reach the reserve.
Roadside parking. There is a waymarked trail, but the reserve is on a slope and the path can be wet and muddy. Visitors are asked not to park outside the farmhouse.
Characteristic wildlife of this reserve
For such a small reserve, there is a wide range of species here, albeit mainly common plants and animals, such as rabbits and creeping buttercup.

Buzzard are most often seen soaring on thermals at great height while searching for prey, such as rabbit or other small mammals, reptiles or amphibians. These large, increasingly common, birds of prey have long, broad wings, with a short neck and broad head. Their tail is short and they are usually of brown plumage, but some are much paler. Pairs of buzzard hold territory and, in the breeding season, signal this with soaring flights and loud calls. The common buzzard is believed to mate for life, and they build their nests in secluded woodland areas where they may rear up to four young in a clutch.

Other information
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