Betty Boyns Bude Sea Pool

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A gorgeous gift card of the famous Bude Sea Pool and Summerleaze Beach, here in Bude.



Designer Paula Nicholls fulfilled her long time ambition by creating her first fabric design in 2010. Inspired by the heritage and traditions of both her parents background. ‘My father and other members of his family were fabric dyers and block printers for Crysede and Cresta Silks, both nationally renowned companies, this meant and we had various fabric pieces from around the house.’ ‘I still remember the patterns of my childhood clothes, curtains and wall paper, those visual motifs have never left me. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to produce fabric that other people will love.’

Based at St Just in the far west of Cornwall, Betty Boyns has been gaining a reputation for producing jolly quality fabrics which can be bought at an affordable price. Everything we produce is sourced, printed and manufactured in the UK and Cornwall.

The business name Betty Boyns is Paula’s mothers, the company logo is a picture of her taken in the 50’s outside the family farm stylishly sitting in her brother’s sports car. Much of the work is motivated by her mother’s close knit family and the homes where her grandparents and uncle lived. ‘We lived near Penzance rather than in the country but I always yearned for that lifestyle. As a child I would often feign illness so I could go with my mother to visit her family in the country especially in the winter when we would sit by the fire with a bowl of stew and my grandmother would make animal scrapbooks from her Country Life magazines – I still have them.’ ‘My designs are all about recreating those nostalgic feelings of homeliness and comfort,’ says Paula.

Paula studied art at Falmouth School of Art, and then moved to Bristol to work first as a journalist, then an events organiser. Eventually, however, she could no longer resist returning to Cornwall and, ‘determined to do something arty’, she started a card company, featuring paintings by local artists. It was an immediate success, and Paula branched first into prints and then, spotting a gap in the market for vintage-style wrapping paper and fabric, set up Betty Boyns. In doing so she is following a family tradition in the fabric industry – her father, uncle and grandfather all worked for the renowned Crysede Textiles and the later Cresta Silks the former who supplied Libertys and Cresta who produced designs by the likes of Paul Nash, Patrick Heron and Graham Sutherland , in St Ives in the Thirties, Forties and Fifties. Betty Boyns launched in 2009 and the first shop, in St Ives, opened in October 2010.

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74 in stock

Product Description

A gorgeous gift card by Betty Boyne of the famous Bude Sea Pool and Summerleaze Beach, here in Bude.

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