Bude on a budget

The best things in life might be free according to the old saying, but in practise we know that it can be tricky to organise a holiday on a budget. From tickets to visitor attractions to food and drink, things can quickly add up. Never fear however, because there are loads of free things to do in Cornwall, with Bude one of the best value destinations in the region!

10 Free things to do in Bude

1. Swim in Bude Sea Pool: Open to all and offering safe, sheltered water, Bude owes this community swimming space to the generosity of locals. Free to all, but if you enjoy your swim, a small donation would be very welcome: www.budeseapool.net

2. Beach games: Unless the government is about to tax messing about by the sea (we probably shouldn’t encourage them), there are loads of great ways to play in the sand. Get busy with buckets and spades, create your own sand sculptures or just see if you can bury dad up to his neck in sand.

3. Play zones for free: For young ones, there are free play areas at Summerleaze Beach, as well as the cool sunken pirate ship at Crooklets. We can’t say fairer than that!

4. Take a nature walk along Bude Canal: It’s pretty, the route is easy and it won’t cost you a bean. In spite of this, you might also spot something truly priceless such as local kingfishers or otters. Or head along the coast for further discovery (see our explorers section).

5. School of Rockpool: Several local beaches have wonderfully wild rockpools to explore. You could bring a fine net and possibly a bucket, but your eyes and feet are the only things you really need to get a glimpse at another little world. Do check the tides, because your best chance is as the sea goes out towards low tide.

6. King on a budget: A journey into the past doesn’t always require a family ticket and a tacky gift shop; in fact there are some cracking free heritage sites in and around Bude. Check our castles and heritage sites section for some great places, including the site of an ancient hill fort!

7. Geocaching: If you have a smartphone, all you need to do is download a free app to get involved in a 21st century treasure hunt! See our geocaching page for a handy link.

8. Crabbing : Simple but great fun, crabbing is an ace way to pass a couple of sunny hours. Beyond the cost of a simple crabbing line and a bit of bait (usually a chunk of fish or meat), it is also totally free. Local hotspots include Bude Breakwater.

9. Celebration is free! Although some of our annual spectaculars require a ticket, some of the biggest highlights of the year are totally free. Just one of these is the wonderful Bude Carnival. See our events section for further details.

10. Culture without cash: Looking for a taste of local history but don’t have much of a budget? Never fear, several free attractions and heritage sites in and around the town will cost you nothing more than a short walk. Bude Castle and Bude Tourist Information Centre both have displays to see and investigate that won’t cost a penny.

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