Every action we take leaves a mark. Informed by Bude’s locals and businesses, the Charter ensures a positive legacy for locals, holiday makers, and businesses.

Kick back and do it ‘dreckly’; use our resources for inspiration on where to purchase your local necessities and learn about walking routes that allow you to leave your car at home and increase your step count!

By living this ethos together, we can ensure a positive legacy is left behind.


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Bude’s beautiful natural environment and community action are famous.

We depend on our surroundings and the people who look after them for our town’s continued success in tourism, outdoor activities and food production.

However, Bude is under threat from climate change, sea level rise and loss of biodiversity.

Now is the time to work together to protect Bude for everyone so that it remains a destination that people will want to visit for years to come.

We need everyone – locals and visitors alike – 
to come together to make it happen.