Bude in the news

For its size, Bude has always punched above its weight in terms of news and events. Here are some classic stories and reports from the archives, from rare wildlife sightings to tourism awards.

Bude declared “Sunniest place in the UK” during long, hot summer of 2013

We could have told you in any year that Bude is a wonderfully sunny place to be in the holidays. However, 2013 was something a bit special. Andy Murray won Wimbledon, England won the Ashes and in the midst of one of the top ten hottest summers on record, weather researchers confirmed that Bude was officially the sunniest spot in the UK. You can see some of the facts and figures from that heatwave on the BBC weather site.

Pine Marten spotted in Bude!

Cornish student Jack Merrett made history as he captured the rare mammal using a night vision camera. Thought to have been extinct from the south of England for several decades, the find stunned experts- who verified that the footage was no hoax or case of misidentification. Read the Guardian’s coverage here.

Bude Canal and Marshes crowned with Green Flag Award for 2014/15

Bude conservsationists were delighted to win this special status, which represents the mark of excellence for parks and green spaces in the UK. It was a fitting tribute to the local community and its commitment to biodiversity.

Some more facts on our local canal and marshes here.

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