Duckpool and Coombe Valley

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A captivating journey meandering through footpaths and woodland. Starting at Duckpool, the walk takes you inland and delves into the Coombe Valley and the enchanting woodlands of Stowe.

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Written Directions:

Head inland along the valley road.

At the junction, turn right and cross King William’s Bridge.

Shortly, take the footpath on the right, marked to Stowe Barton. This leads up through the woods and into a lovely sunken track lined with gnarled and stunted trees.

On reaching the road, turn right to pass the impressive Stowe Barton.

At the far end of the high, roadside wall, turn left onto the marked footpath.

Walk towards the house and bear right onto the track.

Opposite the cottage, pass through the kissing gate into the field and keep left, walking downhill into Stowe Woods.

At the path junction turn right, then bear left on the lower track heading towards the valley.

Cross the bridge and turn left on the well-defined path to Coombe.

On reaching the hamlet, drop down to the lane, turn left and cross the stream.

Walk out to the road – turn left, then right towards the sea and return to the car park at Duckpool.