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Annual and winter tenancy of Bude beach huts

Annual tenancy of Bude beach huts

The annual tenancy lease runs April 1st to March 31st.  Small huts are £840 per year (pro rata). Medium huts are £1,155 (pro rata).

If you would like an annual tenancy for a hut marked as not currently available, You need to join the Beach Hut Waiting List.  Simply identify individual huts in order of preference from the lists below, (vacant huts are in bold)) and send to the Bude Tourist Information Centre.  You must include your full name, address, email and phone number and select individual huts.  We are unable to process request for ‘any hut’.

Should your position on the waiting list be sufficient, we will contact you when a hut you have selected becomes available.  The hut will be held for five days, in which time you must pay the full annual fee (pro rata) and £100 deposit, complete the lease agreement and visit the Bude Tourist Information Centre.  The deposit is held for the duration of the tenancy.  Proof of photo ID (passport/driving license) and proof of address (utility bill, excluding water) will be required when the lease is signed.

If you would like an annual tenancy for a hut marked as available (shown in bold below), simply identify the hut you would like and call us to confirm availability.  The hut will be held for five days, in which time you must pay the full annual fee (pro rata) and £100 deposit, complete the lease agreement and visit the Bude Tourist Information Centre.  The deposit is held for the duration of the tenancy.  Proof of photo ID (passport/driving license) and proof of address (utility bill, excluding water) will be required when the lease is signed.  Payment can be made by BACS or cash.

Please note:  Bude Area Tourist Board manage the Bude Beach Huts under a Service Level Agreement for Cornwall Council.

What’s available?

The huts listed below in bold are available now as they have not been selected by people on the waiting list. Huts listed in bold and italics have been offered to the waiting list,  but have not yet been accepted.  

**New tenant special offer:  A selection of huts are being offered with a first year discount… these huts are available for £50 per month

Summerleaze Beach Hut Numbers

Summerleaze Beach Annual Beach Hut Availability

Mentone Area 1 Medium
Mentone Area 2 Medium
Mentone Area 3 Medium
Mentone Area 4 Medium
Mentone Area 5 Medium
Mentone Area 6 Medium
Mentone Area 7 Medium
Mentone Area 8 Medium
Mentone Area 9 Medium
Mentone Area 10 Medium
Mentone Area 11 Medium
Mentone Area 12 Small
Mentone Area 13 Small
Mentone Area 14 Small
Mentone Area 15 Small
Upper Terrace 16 Small
Upper Terrace 17 Small
Upper Terrace 18 Small
Upper Terrace 19 Small
Upper Terrace 20 Small
Upper Terrace 21 Small
Upper Terrace 22 Small
Upper Terrace 25 Small
Upper Terrace 29 Small
Upper Terrace 30 Small
Upper Terrace 31 Large
Lower Terrace 32 Medium
Lower Terrace 33 Medium
Lower Terrace 34 Medium
Lower Terrace 35 Medium
Lower Terrace 36 Medium
Lower Terrace 37 Medium
Lower Terrace 38 Medium
Lower Terrace 39 Medium
Lower Terrace 40 Medium
Lower Terrace 41 Medium
Lower Terrace 42 Medium
Lower Terrace 45 Medium
Lower Terrace 46 Medium
Lower Terrace 47 Medium
Lower Terrace 48 Medium
Summerleaze Green 50 Medium
Summerleaze Green 51 Medium
Summerleaze Green 52 Medium
Summerleaze Green 53 Medium
Summerleaze Green 54 Medium
Summerleaze Green 55 Medium
Summerleaze Green 56 Medium
Summerleaze Green 57 Medium
Summerleaze Green 58 Medium
Summerleaze Green 59 Medium
Summerleaze Green 60 Medium
Summerleaze Green 61 Medium
Summerleaze Green 62 Medium
Summerleaze Green 63 Medium
Summerleaze Green 64 Medium
Summerleaze Green 65 Medium
Summerleaze Green 66 Medium
Summerleaze Green 67 Medium
Summerleaze Green 68 Small
Summerleaze Green 69 Small
Summerleaze Green 70 Medium
Summerleaze Green 71 Medium
Summerleaze Green 72 Small
Summerleaze Green 73 Small
Summerleaze Green 74 Small
Summerleaze Green 75 Small
Summerleaze Green 76 Small
Summerleaze Green 77 Small
Summerleaze Green 78 Small
Summerleaze Green 79 Small
Summerleaze Green 80 Small
Summerleaze Green 81 Small
Summerleaze Green 82 Small
Summerleaze Green 83 Small
Summerleaze Green 84 Small
Summerleaze Green 85 Small
Summerleaze Green 86 Small
Summerleaze Green 87 Small
Summerleaze Green 88 Small
Summerleaze Green 89 Small
Summerleaze Green 90 Small
Summerleaze Green 91 Small
Summerleaze Green 92 Small
Summerleaze Green 93 Small
Summerleaze Green 94 Small
Summerleaze Green 95 Small 
Summerleaze Green 96 Small
Summerleaze Green 97 Small
Summerleaze Decking 98 Small
Summerleaze Decking 99 Small
Summerleaze Decking 101 Small
Summerleaze Decking 104 Small
Summerleaze Decking 105 Small
Summerleaze Decking 107 Small
Summerleaze Decking 113 Small

Crooklets Beach Hut Numbers

Crooklets Beach Annual Beach Hut Availability

Crooklets North 1 Medium
Crooklets North 2 Small
Crooklets North 3 Medium
Crooklets North 4 Medium
Crooklets North 5 Small
Crooklets North 6 Small
Crooklets North 7 Small
Crooklets North 8 Small
Crooklets North 9 Small
Crooklets North 10 Medium
Crooklets North 11 Medium
Crooklets North 12 Medium
Crooklets North 13 Small
Crooklets North 14 Small
Crooklets North 15 Medium
Crooklets North 16 Medium
Crooklets North 17 Small
Crooklets North 18 Small
Crooklets North 19 Medium
Crooklets Green 24 Small
Crooklets Green 25 Small **
Crooklets Green 26 Small **
Crooklets Green 27 Small
Crooklets Green 28 Small
Crooklets Green 29 Small **
Crooklets Green 30 Small
Crooklets Green 31 Small
Crooklets Green 32 Small
Crooklets Green 33 Small
Crooklets Green 34 Small
Crooklets Green 35 Small
Crooklets Green 36 Small
Crooklets Green 37 Small
Crooklets Green 38 Small
Crooklets Green 39 Small
Crooklets Green 40 Small
Crooklets Green 41 Small
Crooklets Green 42 Small
Crooklets Central 46 Small
Crooklets Central 47 Small
Crooklets Central 48 Small
Crooklets Central 49 Small
Crooklets Central 50 Medium
Crooklets Central 51 Medium
Crooklets Central 52 Medium
Crooklets Central 53 Medium
Crooklets Central 54 Medium
Crooklets Central 55 Medium
Crooklets Central 58 Small
Crooklets Central 59 Small
Crooklets Central 64 Medium
Crooklets Central 65 Medium
Crooklets Central 66 Medium
Crooklets Central 67 Medium
Crooklets Central 68 Medium
Crooklets Central 74 Medium
Crooklets Central 75 Medium
Crooklets Central 76 Medium
Crooklets Central 77 Medium
Crooklets Central 78 Medium
Crooklets Central 79 Medium
Crooklets Promenade 80 Small
Crooklets Promenade 81 Small
Crooklets Promenade 86 Small
Crooklets Promenade 93 Small
Crooklets Promenade 94 Small
Crooklets Promenade 95 Small
Crooklets Promenade 96 Small
Crooklets Promenade 97 Small
Crooklets Promenade 98 Small
Crooklets Promenade 99 Small
Crooklets Promenade 100 Small
Crooklets Promenade 101 Small
Crooklets Promenade 102 Small
Crooklets Promenade 103 Small
Crooklets Promenade 104 Small
Crooklets Promenade 105 Small

Winter tenancy of Bude beach huts

A selection of the beach huts which are rented out on a daily basis are made available on a winter tenancy for the period September to just before Easter.  A security deposit of £100 is payable, plus the rental fee of £200 or £300.

The £100 security deposit is returned shortly after Easter upon inspection of the beach hut.  We will also need proof of name and address (passport/driving license and utility bill).  You will need to provide a padlock to secure the hut.

Please see www.visitbude.info/blog/seasonal-beach-hut

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